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Protect Your Child

     Nanny Surveillance and Your Child's Safety

Nanny surveillance cameras cannot prevent child abuse, but it can prevent it from happening again. Nanny cams are increasingly popular. There are many cases where nanny surveillance cameras were used as evidence in court. Observing and monitoring your nanny can save your child's life.

Nannies are usually screened and interviewed, but there is no amount of background checks, interviews or security clearance that can guarantee that your nanny will be a loving and caring caretaker for your child. There are also different types of abuse, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and medical abuse, all having lifelong effects on a child. Every parent should do whatever they can in preventing abuse. Parents are supposed to trust the people in whose care they place their children, but can they? Whats the cost of not protecting your child when you are away?

New York Daily News reported a case where a security camera caught an autistic boy being tormented on a Florida school bus. The NYDailyNews reported that Broward County school-bus assistant, Darryl Blue, was caught on camera hurting Moises Mancebo on a ride home. Darryl Blue was charged with child abuse. The camera footage was used as evidence in court that the abuse did take place.

In Guangdong Province, kindergarten teachers are now required to be certified before they can teach in a classroom. China Central Television reported that only ten percent of all kindergarten teachers in Guangdong Province hold a bachelors degree. This change was made as the result of abuse caught on camera. The citizens were outraged by this preschool abuse case.

A trusted nanny was caught with a nanny surveillance camera, ill-treating twin babies. This video was published on YouTube and is absolutely terrible. One can only think what the consequences could have been if the nanny was not caught in time. Spine-chilling incidents do happen, and the sooner the parents find out about it, the better. Needless to say the nanny got fired and she got charged for child abuse.

Nanny surveillance cameras are used to protect children. It is true that most nannies are trustworthy and caring, but you cannot know that is the case with your nanny. You have to do whatever you can in preventing abuse. There are also filed cases of family members committing crimes against children. A nanny surveillance camera allows you to check in on your child at any time.

Warning Signs of Child Abuse

A nanny surveillance camera is a good way to monitor the way your child is taken care of. There are also warning signs of child abuse that one should pay attention to. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that warning signs of child abuse include a child's sudden difficulty with mental concentration, physical activities or socialization. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, children may also display regressive behavior, such as night time incontinence, or have nightmares. The department recommends that parents should observe the manners in which the nanny and your child interact, noting if your child seems withdrawn or unusually passive. You can ask your nanny if she has noticed any changes in your child's behavior and what she feels might be the reason. Note any changes in body language, such as an inability to make eye contact, as well as your own feeling of wrongdoing. The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, accused of stabbing two young children to death while under her care at Upper West Side, Manhattan, made parents more aware of the importance of a nanny surveillance camera.

The Krim-family's two children, six-year old Lucia and two-year old Leo, were found stabbed to death in the bathtub in their apartment. The New York Daily News reported that the family treated the nanny like gold -- and she repaid them in blood. It is also reported that the family treated the nanny like one of their own. Apparently a month before the brutal murders took place, Yoselyn was not herself. It was also revealed that Marina and Kevin Krim, the parents of the murdered children, were worried about Ortega's job performance in the weeks leading up to the October 25, 2012, slayings. They warned the nanny that if her job performance did not improve, they might need to replace her. The nanny told police she was angry at the family. The nanny worked at the Krim family for two years.

A nanny surveillance camera can reveal many warning signs. Nanny cams cannot prevent child abuse, but enables you to check in on your children. It is highly recommended to install surveillance cameras, in order to observe and monitor the way your nanny is taking care of your children. Even though you have nanny cams and are able to check in on your children, you should still pay attention to warning signs of child abuse.

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