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Project Manager Responsibilities - Top 4 Areas For Success


A project management team should appreciate that Project Manager responsibilities involve being right behind the project. This will be indicated in the manner he communicates with the group, senior managers and other people with vested interest.

Bear in mind, that the Project Manager may often be searching for project authorization from a higher management level, normally the Project Board. Being too enthusiastic can lead to unrealistic decision making, that might be a hinderance to the project.

The project may be conducted by exception. That is, there may be minimal need to take it to a higher management level, unless there is something extremely wrong concerning the project plan or shcedule. This requires good relationships with the team and, particularly, the use of a methodical procedure for managing the project. Both points demand good communication techniques.

Problem solving:

Quite frankly, when you don't have any sort of issues then you don't really have a project. Problems may be many and varied. The Project Manager should remain unruffled in a storm. It is necessary to review a position based upon the evidence and generate decisions accordingly. Certain problem solving strategies will be helpful, for instance, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) or brain storming, amongst others.

Aim to manage any concerns as swiftly as possible. This particularly concerns personnel performance problems. If these are not managed rapidly they can swiftly demotivate a group.

Don't panic trying to put forward a resolution that is unacceptable. When the Project Manager is uncertain he ought to make use of more time to fully consider the options.

The overall project objective may be split into smaller aims that need success criteria attached to them. The project management team should be aware of these. A systematic technique may strengthen objective definitions and make task evaluations a lot more reasonable. Furthermore, project control may be better with a systematic process. This is the essence of the PRINCE2 approach.

The project approach should be formalised, (but not robotic), and allied with excellent planning processes. This should provide trust at higher management levels, who wish to find as few serious issues as practical.

One cause for problems occurring during the life of a project is because constraints and assumptions are just not assessed and recorded properly.


This is providing people with the right tools to manage the job; a type of delegating responsibility. In a way, it is like passing 'management by exception' down the command chain. The proper tools might be criteria, deliverables, clear guidelines, funds and good training for the work. Among the Project Manager responsibilities may be to promote empowerment.

Inviting constructive feedback will prevent an individual ploughing on with little thought and producing an incorrect result. If the experience is there, the Project Manager must appreciate it and use it. On the other hand, feedback works both ways and anything fedback coming from the Project Manager must be delivered directly to the person, and definitely not via an another.

It could prove helpful to link this area with aspects of performance related documents.


You know that the Project Manager must display his enthusiasm for the project in his approach. One more way of achieving this is to clarify the responsibilities and roles of his team and himself. A chart showing the organization, as well as documentation describing key responsibilities, similar to job descriptions, might be valuable.

All documents should be appropriately constructed. For example, make sure that reports are adequate for the readership and focus on the areas that matter.

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