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Plastic Bag Alternatives

     Does plastic sound tasty to you? There's a good chance that it doesn't. Often, when people store their food in plastic bags, the taste of plastic leeches into the food that is being stored. If you want to keep that taste out of your food, check out these tips.

To begin, there are many things you can do to prevent the taste of plastic tainting your food. You should start by not leaving plastic bags in the sun. The hot sun slightly melts and weakens the plastic,while releasing chemicals in the process. These chemicals contaminate the food that was in the bag, are harmful in large quantities, and also do not taste nice.

If you must use a plastic bag to keep your food in, try wrapping the food with a paper towel. The paper towel will, to some extent, prevent the harsh taste of chemicals from leaking into your delicious sandwich. You will most likely have problems wrapping something like a handful of chips in a paper towel, though.

One of the best alternatives to plastic is the paper bag. Both pollute the world, but the paper bag will eventually deteriorate. The paper bag also doesn't leave a chemical taste on your food. If you want to store some tortilla chips, try storing them in a paper bag and not a plastic one.

If you don't want to store your food in a paper bag, you can use a glass container. Glass is inert and won't leave any chemical traces on the food that is stored inside it. Glass, however, is not very strong. It could be dangerous to bring a glass container on a long trip or to school, as it can break and hurt yourself or others.

If you're not into paper or glass, you can look into an old fashioned wooden container. Wood was used for thousands of years on many things. Some woods will leave a slight taste to whatever you store in it. You will want to be careful of woods like cedar or maple if you're not interested in having your food smell woody.

Wood is also a very strong material. If you were to build a lunch box from wood, you would find that it would last a long time. Since wood cannot easily be broken, many people have been introducing the wooden lunch box into our society. Slowly but surely, the wooden lunchbox is becoming a modern day icon.

If you aren't into using wood, you can try using metal. An aluminum or steel lunchbox is great for keeping your food protected, without leaving any tastes on the food itself. The metal lunchbox was commonplace many years ago, and our current population seems to be bringing it back. This style of container is lightweight and reusable, so it's a great alternative to plastic.

If you end up purchasing a steel lunchbox, you should take care to keep it from getting wet. A steel lunchbox will rust very quickly if there's not a finish on it. You probably won't like the taste of rust on your food.

If the ideas above are too impractical for your tastes, you may want to look into buying some butcher paper or wax paper and rolling up everything you want to eat in that. As far as I know, these papers don't impart any scents or tastes on to the food, and should also be safer for you than plastic.

In conclusion, you can get away from plastic by moving to paper, glass, metal, or even wood. You can also wrap your food in paper to avoid the taste of plastic. All of these ideas work, it's just a matter of developing your own preference.

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