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Personal Trainer In Bristol Asks Why Should I Squat?

     Irrespective of their goal, people will make a change and start a fitness programme when the pain of not embarking on a training programme exceeds the pain of taking action and following a plan.

No matter what your motivation to exercise is, if you're looking for an improvement in your life, exercise probably holds part of the solution. And if there's just one single exercise that we are meant to perform, it is the squat. Before we look at why to squat, lets consider why people want to improve, and why they might exercise.

Painful Problems: Why Exercise and Why Squat?

Why Do People Need A Workout Plan?

People exercise for a whole host of reasons and since most people don't actually enjoy exercise, are sedentary with only very low level exercise that is often more of an obligation than anything because you 'know you should', nine times out of ten results in disappointment.

Most people give up exercise after 4 weeks because they just don't get the results they desire. So what would be the point in continuing this uncomfortable activity if you aren't getting results?

Weight Loss:

Most people would like to lose weight. I'd rather call it fat loss, but the multimillion dollar 'weight loss' industry is not only a reflection of the vast number of people who want to lose weight, but it is also a reflection of the poor results most people get and the failure the industry is based on resulting in slimmers' jumping from one fad to the next.

Since there is no passion to exercise from most slimmers, and it is purely a means to a result, it is imperative to get rapid results from short workouts. The one single exercise that will give you anabolic response and rapid gains is indeed the squat!

Self Esteem and Image:

So what happens to a slimmer once they reach their goal? Their entire life improves. They are confident, look and feel fab. They look in shop windows at their reflection with pride, and they are happy in their own skin. They are happy, and fundamentally, if they are my client at least, they will have been squatting at a basis for their results.

Weight training, and specifically squatting has been shown to improve the self-image and self esteem of the exerciser, specifically in women, and specifically lifting moderate to heavy weights. Squatting makes you happy!

Sports Performance:

Passionate sports people who have intrinsic motivations are driven and love to exercise and 'train' for their chosen sport. With a need to improve and the drive to succeed it is imperative the athlete performs effective training.

Other's looking for sports performance might include inactive sedentary adults who have been inspired by something like the Olympics or the Tour De France, or by watching a friend or family member perform in a sporting event. They might have been roped into a charity marathon run or they may have hit a milestone birthday that has motivated them to do a challenge.

Whatever the reason, effective exercise has to get results, otherwise the exerciser will get bored, lose interest and quit. So what is the one exercise that has been shown consistently to improve endurance sports performance? And what single exercise is fundamental to power athletes' performance? Yes, it's the squat!

Injury Prevention and Injury Rehab:

A result of ineffective training programmes, age, overuse, RSI, acute trauma or chronic lifestyle choices, injury and muscular skeletal pain, stiffness, and immobility can be traumatic, ongoing and can affect the mental and physical wellbeing of the injured person.

For the exerciser or rehabilitation patient therefore it is essential to get rapid gains. Guess what one of the most effective exercises for rapid gains is… the squat!

Build Muscle Mass:

Hypertrophy (building muscle mass) as a goal for better sports performance, injury prevention, body building, to prevent atrophy (muscle wasting) -important for over 30's, but especially 50+ year olds who become quite catabolic naturally.

For this goal bilateral, stable exercises that recruit prime mover muscles is essential, and of all the bilateral exercises, the squat is one exercise that recruits the most. The result if you squat deep and heavy weights is an anabolic response of hGH hormone in the blood after your workout, and yes muscle gains and a happy exerciser. Even if you want bigger biceps, squatting will help you build muscle mass as a result of elevated hGH and other hormones.

Other Reasons To Squat:

The list is not definitive, but some other reasons to squat include:

1. Offset and reverse osteoporosis

2. Improved everyday movements (function),

3. Better posture

4. Better looks

5. Flexibility

6. Better blood lipid profile

7. Improved blood pressure

8. Reduced stress,

9. Improved insulin sensitivity

10. Stronger ligaments and connective tissue

11. Reduced lower back pain

12. Injury prevention and rehab

13. Sciatica rehab

14. You can lift your shopping bags, lawn mower, wheel barrow, child, rucksack better

15. Your life is better.

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Nico Valla is a qualified Personal Trainer In Bristol and specialises in getting you twice as fit in half the time. He is passionate about helping you achieve fantastic fitness and fatloss results in 90days or less! Offering personal training, fitness and weight loss in Bristol you are welcome to register for a free gift at Personal Trainer In Bristol .

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