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Pashmina Shawls: Where to Get Them

     Since the popularity of pashmina shawls, there are several markets that produce pashminas and either sell it online or sell it through any fashion boutiques. However, its mass production can sometimes create confusion to those who are first time buyers of pashmina. Some of the stores claim that they sell authentic pashmina shawls but unfortunately, it is not made of 100% pashmina or cashmere wool. To know where to buy the best pashmina is to check every store details. If a person is buying for the first time, they could try researching first about pashminas.

Next is to check all stores that sell pashmina, if the person is buying online there are information about that particular stores and information about the products that they sell. Original pashminas are very expensive, the ones that are made in Nepal and India. These are pashmina shawls made directly from the wool of a special breed of goat that lives in the mountain ranges of Himalayans. These kinds of pashminas are hand woven and intricately made by craftsmen who have become an expertise into weaving delicate cashmere fiber. It can be very hard to identify the original pashmina to the other variations; however, a person can tell the difference by touching the fabric.

A combination of cashmere and silk are the most produced type of pashmina. It is cheaper and is easier to find. Because of its availability, most market can produce large numbers of pashmina where they can benefit from since it is in demand in the market. Cashmere and silk can produce a soft and lightweight fabric, which can be a good alternative for an original pashmina. Another variation is the combination of acrylic and viscose, which is a synthetic fiber. It is also mistaken sometimes as being the original pashmina. It can also provide comfort and warmth, however the softness is subtler. Unlike cashmere and silk, viscose and acrylics are more easier to find and much more cheaper to buy.

It is available in most stores and has also achieved popularity as the so-called pashmina shawl. Pashmina production can also be either hand woven or machine woven. With the development of the technology today most factories would opt to use machines when producing pashminas. It is much easier and faster, plus it can produce huge quantities in one day. However, what made hand woven pashmina very special is the extra effort that is being put into the product. What determines the price of a pashmina is its quality and material.

With proper care and proper storage, pashmina shawls can last a long time. It can be a great investment for most people. Imagine one item that can do a lot of things, a person can explore fashion with different styles that they can do with a pashmina shawl. Always remember that when buying a pashmina, always look at the quality of the material. Do not just look at the price, cheaper pashmina could mean cheaper quality and with cheaper quality, a person does not need to expect a longer lasting pashmina that can withstand time.

Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

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Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

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