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Pashmina Shawls: Introduction

     Pashmina shawls became a part of every woman's accessories. Before, it was mostly used to provide warmth for the person who is wearing it. It can be wrapped around the shoulder or around the neck. However, as the years progress, these kind of shawls are used not only to provide warmth but to provide fashion as well. It was in the 90's that the shawl gained its popularity. It was being acknowledged across the world, making its market very huge. Since then, pashmina were just known as ordinary wraps or shawls. Some people disregarded the fact where the fabric is really made of all they know is that it looks good and can give warmth.

Pashmina shawls are made from wild mountain goats that are commonly found in the Asian region. These special breeds of goats, which are the Capra Hircus, can be found in the Himalayan ranges. It is said that a Kashmiri ruler introduced pashmina in India, by brining with him weavers. Pashmina is a favorite winter clothing accessory by the kings and queens in India. Pashmina wool is like a native type of cashmere fiber. That is why it is most recognizable as cashmere instead of pashmina fiber.

Before, the Himalayans, has the highest production cost of cashmere fibers, since the Capra Hircus originated form that area, however since the production of cashmere fiber in the Gobi desert it is known that they produce cashmere, which are more expensive than the one produced in the Himalayans. Capra Hircus also eat grass, however unlike sheep, they tend to eat even the roots of the grass, making their habitat a desert. Meaning, Capra Hircus can cause damage to the environment, simply by forming a desert and thus attracting sandstorms every year.

Pashmina shawls are being produced through the inner wool that is being shed by the pashmina goats, they are embroidered and hand woven to create shawls. Pashmina fibers can be categorized as a finer type of cashmere fiber. The distinction though of a pashmina to cashmere is it has thinner fiber than that of cashmere. Most people who know the difference would actually feel it when wearing pashmina. It is more lightweight and has different warmth in it. A good quality pashmina is made of a cashmere fiber. Since its origin is in Nepal and India, original pashmina can be found here in these countries.

With the popularity though, there are some variations being produced to create pashmina. Since having 100% pashmina wool can be very expensive. Most market would sell a variation of cashmere and silk, which can be very soft or cashmere and cotton, which can be very affordable than the pure cashmere pashmina. People from Tibet and Himalayan, still produce a pure, original pashmina, which can cost more than 500 US dollars. What makes it very expensive is because of the perfected craftsmanship of the Tibetan people. Pashmina sizes differ from its purpose. While pashmina shawls are of full size (36 x 80 in), pashmina scarf size on the other hand is 12 x 60 inch.

Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

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Are you looking for pashmina shawls? Visit

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