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Part 1 - Personalised Printing Onto Balloons

     Balloon printing is quite simply the procedure of putting some form of image onto the surface of a balloon. Balloon imprinting companies have been around for a long while, but contemporary printing techniques and new machinery are helping to improve the scope of what kind of balloons can be printed on, and what logos can be applied. Many companies and individuals are starting to realise the possibilities of balloon printing.

Balloons can have multi-coloured designs printed onto their surfaces, and this can be increased by using clever designs and making use of the colour of the balloon itself. It is also possible to print onto both sides of any balloon, so no matter where people are standing in relation to the balloon they should be able to see the printed images. Printing can be applied to both latex and foil balloons.

This post hopes to highlight just a few of the possible uses of personalised, branded balloons. I hope you find it useful.


Balloons are great because they are not an overly expensive thing to get hold of. Even the more fancy balloons do not have to cost the Earth, and when you compare and contrast prices with many of the alternatives you can easily see the monetary benefits of printed balloons.

One of the most exciting things about using printed balloons at any kind of event is the great flexibility they offer. Today's balloon technology allows such a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours that you can really let your imaginationrun wild and allow your creative side to take over. There are some limits, but most people are surprised at what can be achieved with just balloons.

This versatility gets even greater when you start using balloons together to create balloon strings or sculptures. You can intermix different coloured balloons to great effect and create bold designs, or use different shapes and sizes of balloons to create eye-catching displays. The possibilities are not quite endless, but they are very numerous nonetheless.

Another fantastic benefit of utilizing balloons is that they are incredibly lightweight. This makes them very easy to move around and to sculpt into various shapes. You will not need to hire moving men or forklift trucks to get them to where you need them to be! The other great advantage is that if you are going to inflate them on site, many hundreds of balloons will fit into a handbag. This means they can easily be used to spruce up even the most remote of locations.

I have spoken to many different balloon wholesalers who all say custom printing is a market that keeps evolving.

If you are struggling to find inspiration for your own balloon design, view a printing website for inspiration and information about balloon printing techniques..

For Social Events

Getting a set of your own, personalised, printed balloons for a social gathering always adds an additional factor of fun and fascination to what you are doing. Whether the function you are attending is a reasonably formal affair, such as a grand dinner party, or a quite informal celebration, such as a stag or hen party, you will find that printed balloons can really make the night be noticeable.

Wedding Parties

Wedding parties are the perfect occasion for utilizingprinted balloons to add charm to your location. They are both formal and informal events at the same moment, with a sincere purpose but also a focus on having fun and savoring the day. This is when the flexibility of balloon printing comes into its own.

During the wedding meal, photo-taking or any other formal announcements, you can use various smart balloons printed to complement your surroundings. Then when the partyreally starts you can have a collection of fun balloons with a personalised wedding message. Or how about balloons printed with either the bride or grooms photo to show which side of the family you are on?

Stag & Hen Nights

Stag and hen parties are always fun occasions, and more often than not they will entail some form of dressing up or decoration. So why not make use of printed balloons as a way of “jazzing up” your evening and truly making your party stand out from the crowd. Here are just a couple of ideas.

L-plate balloons. One of the most recognisable elements of a hen party is the bride to be donning driving L-plates on their clothing. It is a classic touch that always makes the lucky lady stand out from her group of hens. But there is no reason to restrict yourself to embellishing outfits. Why not print an L-plate on a good sized balloon and attach it to the bride to be. Then everybody will easily know who to look out for during the rest of the evening!

Nickname balloons. Groups of males out on stag nights will frequently have their pictures and nicknames used by their friends printed onto a t-shirt or top. But again, why stop at the clothing? You can print faces, nicknames, or just about any other funny facts onto personalised balloons and hand them out to members of your stag party. You can even create a competition out of who manages to get their balloon safely through the night!

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