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     Parapsychology is both the theoretical and empirical study of mysterious events explicitly psychics that involve telepathy, spirits and future telling to name a few. For some obvious reasons, parapsychologist have had been underrated and even associated with some unpopular occupations such as witchcraft, magician, astrologer and entertainer.
Traditional scientific theory strictly declares, that subjective .i.e. personal judgment and objective world .i.e. what is actually there, can never come in harmony. What parapsychology does is it actually studies the areas (for example witchcraft, magic, future predicting) that undermine this longstanding assumption. Some mysterious experiences implies that there are things that have no clear cut answer and that they may be falling between the two sternly separated categories. And these yet-to-be-discovered phenomena are called anomalies.
Anomalies are of three different kinds. These include ESP (Extra-sensory perception), PK (Psychokinesis) and life after death concepts for example reincarnation etc. Its predicated by a lot of parapsychologists that a day, marked by out-of-the-box thinking, and next level imaginations would ultimately explain these inscrutable concepts. Some of these parapsychologists even think that present day theoretical models of memory and perception have the potentials to fathom these out-of-the-worlds mysteries.
The most intriguing and paradigm shifting values of parapsychology is that there is an indirect question on our contemporary knowledge of space and time.
The widely used terminology among parapsychologists include
PSI: A term used for psychic in general.
Telepathy: mind to mind talking.
Precognition: predicting future events.
Clairvoyance: obtaining information from places that are inaccessible to senses
ESP (Extra Sensory Perception): This term combines all the above three concepts. Its basically about getting information that cant be acquired even if youre optimally using all your senses.
Psychokinesis: Its about interacting with the inanimate objects and eventually influencing their performance. For example slowing down or speeding up a natural process such as radio active decay.
Near death experiences (NDI): when people are brought back to life when they are just centimeters away from death. These people report to have gone through some serene place just before reviving and having had a life changing experience.
How do the parapsychologists work?
Parapsychologists fall under two categories. Proof oriented and process oriented. Proof oriented ones take on a pragmatic approach by actually using their designed experiments on people who are known to possess those bizarre capabilities. Process oriented researchers presume that such capabilities are actually there and they just check in as to see in what circumstances these can be optimized. For example are women better at telepathy or man?
Stakeholders of parapsychology
Physicist and other natural scientist are particularly interested as spreading out in this field would actually help to revolutionize the common day misapprehensions of space and time like the way it did when Einstein produced his theory of relativity back in 1905 that shook the world of classical mechanics in months.
Psychologists are equally fascinated as this would open new opportunities and pave way for new dimensions in their field.
Philosophers would finally have their answer on questions that range from the role of mind in the material world to the inexhaustible debate of objective VS subjective.
A support or motivation for all those people who are associated with religion for example theologians and even general public for we would be aware of our new potentials. Isnt that fantastic!
So far Parapsychology has been ridiculed widely home and abroad with many of media reports suggesting it has something odd and creepy about it. Even those educated scientists have raised eyebrows and somewhere or other categorized it under pseudoscience. But it should be seriously kept in mind that parapsychology is a real science with scientific ambitions not the one that you get in media.

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