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Outsourcing Accounts Payable

     Accounts payable is an important function of finance and accounting. If a company is efficient in tracking and maintaining payment obligations of different transactions, the business as well as its credit rating will be in a better standing. Paying on time to your company vendors can ensure a punctual delivery of goods and services which can hasten the process of your company’s production and operation.
There are a lot of benefits that a company could gain when payments are done promptly. For example, costs can be kept at a minimum and costly late fees can be avoided. Therefore, in a business it is important to have a well-organized and reliable account payable process in place to ensure that all financial transactions are being tracked and recorded appropriately. An accounts payable automation ledger guarantees that official invoices are paid accurately and on time.
Because of the competition in today’s global business market, companies tend to concentrate on its core business and sometimes non-core activities like accounts payable are being neglected. Most of the companies are too busy and sometimes accounts payable procedures are not managed properly. By outsourcing accounts payable, companies get instant access to the latest technology and best practices while avoiding large capital investments, long implementation, and risky cycles. A lot of companies that outsource accounts payable provide perfect and secure procedures that are custom tailored to the needs of various businesses.

Advantages of accounts payable outsourcing
• Outsourcing has been shown to reduce accounts payable costs to as much as 50 percent or more with no capital investments. Internal and external audit costs will also be reduced because once the company’s accounts payable is outsourced it will have an efficient access to current and historical documents.
• Outsourced accounts payable provides immediate access to paper invoices though digitization. This means streamlining audits and providing faster resolution to every dispute.
• Tracking and reporting will be easier.
• Outsourcing gives company a centralized control over payables across its business.
• By way of accounts payable services outsourcing functions, responsibilities will be in the hands of experts and professionals so results will be better, and turnarounds will be faster.
• More time to focus on other important business functions. By reducing loads on administrative staff, they can concentrate more on other areas directly related to your business like sales, customers, services, and products.
• Opportunity to tap into the vast pool of professionals that can handle accounts payable more efficiently for a lower cost without going through the hassle of recruitment, hiring and training.
• Take advantage of the latest web-based technology that makes accounts payable process a lot easier.
• No need to expand open space or invest in equipment that will be used for operations since everything will be taken care of by the outsourcing provider.
• Outsourcing converts manual and paper intensive accounts payable functions into an automated outsourced process.
Because of the globalization, companies face a lot of challenges in order to stay afloat and keep their business competitive. The increase in competition, constant changes, and shrinking margins force companies to stay focus on its core business. In order to gain competitive advantage, companies should let go of non critical part of the business, and thus outsourcing accounts payable is indeed a practical option.

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