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Online Accounting Software for Accountants in Practice

     KashFlow Software Ltd, the London-based makers of the successful online accounting software for small businesses, today introduced Orbit Accounts a new software product specifically for accountants that want to take advantage of the growing popularity of cloud computing.

Orbit Accounts is web based software that provides accountants a host of tools and features to enable them to monitor, control and collaborate with their SME clients whilst using the already established and mature KashFlow product as the core accounting software engine.There is nothing to download or install, there are no upgrades, version numbers or backups to worry about thats all taken care of for you automatically. All of the software is accessed via a web browser any web browser, on any computer. If you have ever used Facebook then it's very similar to that in that it's a web site with lots of powerful functionality.

Orbit Accounts has been in development for the last 12 months and focuses on enabling accountants to leverage web technologies to better serve their SME clients. As well as letting accountants customise the software by removing features and reports, specifying account codes and locking transactions Orbit Accounts also provides the accountant the ability to co brand the software with their own logo and colours. A fully re brandable white-label option is also available.

From within Orbit you can run al of the reports you would expect from an accounting product. From Aged Debtors to Trial Balances and everything in between. You can log in to the client software and access the vast range of additional reports available there too.

For Franchisors, we have a number of comparative and consolidated reports. So you can compare franchisee performance or get an overall P&L; report for the entire group of franchisees.

At any time you can lock your clients data. Either stopping them from entering or changing any data before a certain date (perhaps after you close a financial year), or just locking certain bank accounts (perhaps after a reconciliation).

KashFlow see accountants as a key channel through which they can continue their impressive growth. Currently around 70 businesses sign up to take a free trial of the KashFlow software every working day. The majority of the businesses do not currently work with an accountant so they will be offered an introduction to accountants that use Orbit Accounts.

Other accounting software vendors tend to just offer accountants pricing incentives to get them engaged with their products, said Michelle Gorsuch, Sales Director at KashFlow We have gone a big step further by developing software thats tightly integrated with our core accounting software product and specifically tailored to assist the accountant in practice.

Earlier this week, KashFlow Software was listed in The Guardian as one of the top 100 technology innovators. The software is delivered using the Software as a Service or SaaS model. This means the software is delivered via a web browser so there is nothing for users to install whilst updates and backups are taken care of automatically. Rather than buying the software outright, customers pay a fixed price subscription that includes all upgrades and support.

The software is available on a 30 day free trial. An annual subscription to Orbit Accounts costs 999/year with client licenses for the KashFlow software costing 99/year. The company will be offering discounts to early adopters until the end of October 2010.

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For more information, Visit Orbit Accounts Website

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