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Online Account Management For All Your Needs

     Perhaps the best thing about doing so many things online is the fact that people can manage their entire financial lives quickly and easily without having to leave the house. Most types of household and financial accounts -- like banks, credit cards and utility bills -- as well as subscriptions and travel rewards programs, are supported online, so it's easy to say goodbye to paper and hello to online account management.

Household Accounts

The average consumer has a plethora of household accounts. These types of accounts are for everyday bills or services, such as a gas and electric bill, cable or satellite TV, and a cell phone, among others. People can take care of all of these different accounts online by using the websites from each service provider. Most household companies, such as Comcast, make it super easy to manage an account online. They can log into the website and take care of paying the bill with only a few mouse clicks. The company may then immediately send an email to the customer documenting the date and details of the payment transaction. Plus, if customers want to ditch paper to reduce clutter and help save the environment, they usually have the option of going paperless. That way, they'll only receive online mail for that account. Customers can even download their important account documents right from the site, so if for some reason they ever need a paper copy, it's easy to locate. Talk about convenient!

Financial Accounts

Not only do all major leading banks (and some small local ones) allow customers to manage their bank accounts online, but they also allow users to pay other bills right from the website. And if a customer has multiple accounts from the same bank, all three accounts can be easily managed right on the website. For instance, Citibank has a website that is easy to navigate where their customers are able to view all of their balances on a single screen. So if a customer has a checking account, savings account and credit card, all three accounts are available on one page. Plus, customers can set up bank bill pay, which allows customers to pay their bills from the banking site. It allows customers to do things like pay a Comcast bill or a Verizon bill using a Citibank account -- right from the Citibank site.

Travel Rewards Programs

For those who travel frequently, taking care of so many travel rewards programs can be a confusing and challenging process. But managing all of the accounts online makes it a lot easier because customers can always check how many points or miles they have right on the providers' websites. Many programs like Marriott Rewards and Delta Skymiles let customers check their account balances right from their websites so they never miss out on using their points or miles. Some programs will even remind customers when their points and miles are about to expire, which is extremely helpful, considering no customer wants to lose points or miles.


One of the most overlooked, yet one of the most important, types of accounts is subscriptions. Whether they subscribe to Netflix, Cosmopolitan magazine or one of the other million periodicals in the world, consumers don't often manage their subscriptions and therefore they either forget to renew or are forced to renew and only realize it after their credit card on file is charged. Most magazines and other subscriptions can be easily managed online, the same way a customer would manage a bank or household account.

It can be scary to think about managing every account online, especially if a consumer is perfectly comfortable using paper and tracking the account via paper mail. However, if consumers want to manage their accounts as efficiently and as organized as possible, it's worth making the switch to online account management.

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Steward Gearlds researched Manilla providers and found that some of the services were for household accounts, financial accounts and much more. Manilla household providers include satellite and cable servicers, cell phone providers, banks and many more.

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