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New Influences To Note In Greeting Card Design

     Greeting card design trends change of course. Even with cheap greeting cards
the more accepted and popular kinds of designs are constantly being revamped and improved upon. In today’s world, there are a lot of new and potent influences that should probably shape your own custom designs for greeting cards. I will discuss with you some of these fresh new influences so that you can take them into account as you develop your layout.

1. The large influence of the Internet – The internet and the digital revolution has of course changed the way we design your greeting cards forever. Faced with new and more dynamic e-greeting cards, greeting card designers have been “amping” up their designs to match and be on par with those digital greeting card design trends. That is why you should at least have a foot in the door of digital internet design trends if you want to have a cool looking, modern and trendy kind of color greeting cards for distribution.

2. Changing greeting card attitudes – Also, today, you should note that people’s attitudes toward greeting cards are changing. With the advent of commercialized and canned emotions through commercial greeting cards such as hallmark cards, people do not really respond good to the typical and corny type of greeting card.

So you should not settle for a “hallmark-esque” type of greeting card. It is important to be more personal and more targeted when it comes to your custom greeting cards. Know the content that will engage and excite your audiences. The closer you are to their interests the better.

3. Higher performance graphics editing – Another big trend today in greeting card design is the way with which the images and graphics are rendered. Every year there is a new and more advanced image editing and desktop publishing application that people can exploit. This means that designs are getting more amazing, crisper and of course more visually stunning.

You will want to be “in on this” so to speak and use your own high performance graphics editing application. You will want access to more advanced filters, sophisticated image textures and other types of greeting card special effects that make the card more interesting, distinctive and of course more memorable.

4. Higher performance printing – Also, when it comes to actually printing those greeting cards, you actually now have a lot more powerful options. Instead of just having a simple folded card, greeting cards nowadays have lots of different features that you can try out.

From textured paper, glossy inks, high precision folders, extra pockets etc., there are tons of things that can be added to a simple greeting card. These extra features should of course be used with the appropriate taste. If done correctly, you will have pristine quality greeting cards that have great quality card features that readers always respect.

5. The odd stuff – Finally, more and more people are adding a lot of “odd stuff” to their greeting cards. This of course is from the quest to develop breakthrough greeting cards that many people will admire and emulate.

The most recent ones that you can try out are musical greeting cards, scratch and sniff greeting cards, pop-up greeting cards and even greeting cards with small digital LED/LCD screens. While customization can get expensive, these types of greeting cards are representative of the future of this kind of print, where interactivity and dynamism is key for that special print.

Good! Now review the items above. These are the key trends that you will need to consider for your own more modern greeting cards. Good luck!

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