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New House - Dog Training

     5- Don't Get Bored

It's not a real step but I'm telling you this is a real tip. Stay remembered that normal aged or old aged dogs need enough time to understand what you are trying to tell. So, you should be a patient trainer don't expect to make all this in a night or so, just ensure you're doing it the right way and you will come with a positive result at the end.

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After agonizing over the question of whether to get one and what, you've finally brought home your choice. You like the famed loyalty of canine breeds to their masters; you hope your dog grows to be a faithful pet, a loyal best friend and an amiable companion. But merely wishing for it does not turn an untrained, cute puppy into a well-behaved, playful guard dog. How then, do you turn a whiny, adorable little furry bundle into a disciplined pet you can trust with guarding you and your property?

Understanding Dog Training

Dog training is an approach to teaching your dog certain behavioral patterns so that you can peacefully co-exist under one household. There are different approaches to dog training, among the most popular of which is clicker training. Regardless of the specific techniques and tools you use for training your dog, the principle is the same: Effective dog training uses a mental pre-conditioning approach that works by reinforcing positive behavior. Rewards or treats are common in all dog training approaches. As you embark on life with a new pet, remember the following basic training principles:

1. The earlier the better. It's easier to train and control a month-old pup that weighs only a few pounds; adult dogs have pretty set ways and it's much more difficult to undo a certain behavior pattern or correct inappropriate responses. Behavior modification would also take more time with adult dogs.

If your dog is an adult dog you may think house training would be easier as your adult dog would hopefully already be house trained? However, due to the stress of moving you may find your old dog needs some reminders on its house training! This can cause so much added strain for you as the owner if you do not plan. Whilst you are planning the move to your new home, house training your dog should be a major part of this.

Crate Training Older dogs

You may have some experience of crate training dogs previously and be aware of how to crate train a dog or puppy. If you still have your dog crate than you will need to use this as your older dog will find this as their refuge during the upheaval going on around them. By returning to its crate your older dog will quickly be a able to orientate itself to the new home and be less likely to soil in the house. However, if you are too stressed then your dog will sense this and may soil in an effort to 'mark its territory'.

Crate Training Schedule

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Love training dogs and other animals. When not working love to excercise and enjoy nature.

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