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New Hope Chiropractor and Homemade Carbonated Water/Soda

     Long ago, carbon dioxide in water was introduced by Joseph Priestly and the fizzy drink was invented and these come to love by most of us-a carbonated water or soda.

The taste is not only good but also quenches your thirst. Apart from this, soda is good for making ‘hard drinks’ and a very convenient drink to have at home to offer for unexpected guests.

Carbonated water which can be plain of fortified with minerals, is easily accessible in the market. Several carbonated beverages including flavored soda pop, diet soda, and club soda can also be found. Soda at home can be made with a soda maker.

Majority of us love doing things by ourselves. We love to grind our own beans, make syrups at home make our own cappuccino as well. Good thing that a soda can be made easily at home using a soda machine and thus a cheaper option.

Several gadgets can be found in the market. Making carbonated water needs only two things which are:

-A soda siphon or carbonated bottle. This looks like a thermos bottle that has built-in spray mechanism and grips regular water.
-Soda Chargers. Sodas chargers are basically small metal containers with pressurized carbon dioxide. This come with either screw-in or snap-on varieties. The type you need depends on your seltzer water bottle.

Carbonate water that has improvised equipment and soda fountains can be your options as well. By means of a regulator, the carbonated dioxide supply from a tank. This actually transforms into getting carbonated from a tap.

While the pressure of the gas plays an important role, it’s good to pre-chill water, since the carbon dioxide solubility increases when the temperature of the water is low.

Advantages of Homemade Carbonated Water/Soda

The main advantage of making a homemade soda with a soda machine is that you get carbonated water at a fraction of the bottled soda price.
- Unlike commercial bottled soda that loses its fizz once you open it, making a soda at home allows you to make carbonated water whenever you want.
- A soda machine can be used at in making soda pop at home.
- A homemade soda is more hygienic.
- A soda machine can be used for making nutritious soda drinks at home. Merely, add splash of any fruit that you want or twist a lemon into it.
- Making soda at home is for our environment. Those plastics that were thrown away are not recycled and most can be found on landfills, where it acquires thousands of years to putrefy.
- A lot of water can be saved while doing this process. Plenty of water is wasted in the purification process –almost two gallons for every gallon of water that is actually bottled. Too much water consumption actually leads to water shortages near bottling plants.

About 1.5 million tons of plastics are consumed for plants that supply 89 billion liters of aerated drinks each year. Apart from you can save yourself from the trouble of lugging 2 liter bottles every time you want carbonated water, making soda at home by yourself saves this planet making a better place to live in.

This is another health tip from a
New Hope MN Chiropractor.

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Carbonated water which can be plain of fortified with minerals, is easily accessible in the market. Several carbonated beverages including flavored soda pop, diet soda, and club soda can also be found. Learn the advantages of Homemade Carbonated Water/Soda from a New Hope chiropractor and visit

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