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Nail Technician Air Purifier---5 Features That Will Clear The Air

     If you work in and/or own a nail salon the fumes that are generated by the products can cause dry eyes and throat, headaches, and a lack of energy and focus. Those are the acute symptoms that sometimes occur, and the long term effects can be worse. Using an air purifier to cleanse the air is essential, and here are 5 features it should have to insure that it can do the job.

Chemical Filter---If there's one thing that usually grabs a customer's attention when they enter your salon, it's the odor.. Many times if the door is open, you can smell the chemicals even before you enter. So imagine what that is doing to your body if you are breathing that air day in and day out as you work.

It's ironic that products that make us look so beautiful make the air so unhealthy. These volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are powerful and evaporate into the air easily at room temperature. Without taking proactive steps to remove these pollutants, the air can and does become thick.

A carbon-based filter is a must. Carbon is renowned for its ability to remove gases, odors, and airborne chemicals. But as effective as carbon is, even it needs help removing the kinds of chemicals found in salons. So in order to be truly effective the carbon will need an additive that will enhance its ability to be effective at clearing the air.

24 Hour Operation----If you walk into the shop in the morning smelling the products that were used yesterday, you'll appreciate having a cleaner that can eliminate yesterday's smells and make the salon smell fresh at the start of each day.

Choosing a cleaner that can work 24 hours a day is the solution. A split capacitor motor is designed to keep going and going without neither a rest. Having a portable stand-alone unit with this kind of motor gives you continuous cleaning which is necessary to minimize the fumes.

Variable Cleaning Speeds---You'll probably agree that no 2 days are the same. Some days the salon may be packed, other days not so much. Being able to adjust the speed at which the air is cleaned is a great option to have.

When there are lots of customers, it follows that there will be lots of fumes. Being able to move the air through the filter faster will help keep the odor down and help the air to continue to smell fresh to new customers who enter.

Can Go Where You Need It---Most cleaners filter the air that is closest to them. Being able to roll the cleaner closer to the offending fumes is huge. The wheels should be sturdy enough to easily roll over all types of flooring.

It's great to be able to roll the unit around where you are now, but it's even better to be able to take it with you wherever you go regardless of how far away.

360 Degree Intake---A purifier that can pull air from all sides means that it can be placed anywhere in your shop. It can go in a corner, under a shelf, or on top of a counter. The most space that it should need to still work well is about 6 inches from every surface.

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