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Money Saving Resources -5 Tips to Keeping Money in Your Pocket

     With the economy being as sluggish as it is, people are looking for useful and realistic ways to save. Lucky for everyone, there are a variety of companies and resources to take advantage of during these rough times. Out of the many suggestions I could give, I have narrowed down a list of five great ways to save in today's sluggish economy.

Farmers Markets: When you shop at Farmers Markets, you are not only saving money on products that you regularly buy at the grocery store; you are helping keep money in the community. Many studies have shown that money spent at local businesses is kept in the community at a much higher percentage compared to if spent at big box stores. This in turns builds a stronger local economy, reduces environmental impact and a variety of other great effects. Farmers markets are great for purchasing produce (as well as for finding hidden treasures in your community). Produce found at Farmers Markets are usually locally grown and are far fresher than what you find in grocery stores. Also, some Farmers Markets invite local performers and artists to come and perform, making your shopping trip a little bit more fun. Check out your local listings for farmers markets in your area and start saving today.

Rewards Programs: Although Farmers Markets are great for produce and a variety of other products, they simply will not have everything you need for your household. The next time you are at your local grocery store, find out if they have a rewards program and sign up right away. This can save you money every time you make a purchase. Even if it's only a few dollars each time, the savings add up quick. Grocery store reward programs are great to get a part of, but they are not the only businesses to utilize loyalty programs like this. Coffee shops, beauty supplies and electronic shops all have some sort of loyalty or rewards programs. Find out what store you go to have these programs and sign up asap. You could start saving right away.

Coupons: Coupons are really popular at the moment, and why shouldn't they be? They are saving us money and moving products for businesses. From traditional paper coupons to phone apps that bring coupons directly to your smartphone for instant validation, coupons are a great way to save money. Currently, daily deal sites are all the rage and there are numerous sites to choose from. Since there are a variety of these sites, sign up for a few so that you are sent some fun deals. However, a lot of the daily deals are not necessities in life and so you should be sure to only purchase deals that you could really utilize.

Carpool: Carpooling is a great way to save on gas, parking and reduces carbon footprints during daily commutes. If carpooling is not an option, commuters can also save money by looking into public transportation. More and more cities are encouraging the use public transportation by creating reimbursement programs, where a percentage of the commuting fare is paid by the commuter's employer. Also, with the support of the government, cities are expanding public transportation options by adding light rails and new-age trains; meaning faster, easier and more affordable means of transportation.

Cut out alcohol: As much fun as alcohol is, it can rack up an expensive tab if you are out with your friends. Saving money is not always fun, but your bank account will thank you later if you say "adios" to those margarita Mondays.

I hope these five tips are helpful in your money saving endeavors. I know these little tips helped me out when I needed to cut back. Just keep in mind that even the little cut backs help in the long run.

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With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Minnesota and years of public relations and marketing experience, Gabriela Gesch is an avid fan of innovative PR and MKTG tactics. She is currently the public relations and marketing manager to VidPon- "the next generation of coupons" and also writes for the online bridal marketplace,".

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