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Men's Watches From Boardrooms to Racing Tracks

     Men's watches are not just timepieces but objects of expression. In their efforts to pamper the different moods of gentlemen, watch makers have designed machines that match one's air perfectly. Whether it is a review meeting, a presentation ceremony, or a birthday party of your kid, you would find the exact watch model for the occasion.

Dress Watches These types are designed to complement your dress shirts and used at work places. These have a 'no-nonsense' look and are devoid of luxury elements like jewelled dials or funky dial patterns found in their fashion counterparts. These wristwatches accentuate your formal dresses and are fitted with either leather bands or steel bands. Both steel and leather exude elegance and complement all designs of formal apparels. Dials used for these types are available in simple black, grey, white, or pale yellow. If your physique is on the heavier side, a metallic wrist band would be appropriate. A leather band harmonizes well with a lithe figure.

Casual watches At home or when going for shopping, casual watches are your perfect companions. They are normally inexpensive and are meant for regular wearing. Match your casual tic-tic friend with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, or a polo shirt and a pair of cottons. These watches come in inconspicuous designs and regular shapes of rounds, squares, or rectangles. Straps are either of leather, fabric or polythene. A digital watch is an attractive option as a casual wear.

Fashion watches These are generally worn by high school teens and college young adults. These come in exciting dials with geometric patterns, unconventional shapes and colourful wrist bands. Band materials can be of fabric, polythene, metal, or leather. Pool parties, night outs, and fashion shows are the best places to wear these fashion watches. They will surely attract the attention of onlookers around you.

Luxury watches Luxury watches make you stand out in a crowd. These are distinctively designed with brilliant craftsmanship. These top-of-the-line watches are just masterpieces. Dials in gold or platinum, encrusted with diamonds or genuine crystals are some the features that make this kind distinctive and identifiable. Exclusivity is what goes perfect in defining this type.

Pocket watches are a unique combination of luxury and fashion counterparts. These come with golden bezels and gold covers and are hung from chains around the collar or fitted to your coat. As and when required you bring them out from your garment's pocket and check time. They are once the symbol of one's prosperity and honour. The person who possessed this kind were regarded honchos and very disciplined personality.

Sport Watches These are particularly designed for people engaged with sports and athletic activities. These tough watches are designed to withstand water pressure of several metres. Chronometers are a definitive category of under this kind. Their digital counterparts are more desired by sportsmen as it is easier to record time in milliseconds with them.

So, now you know, it is not just the tic-tic equipment, it is far more than that. It is a tool to showcase a complete new dimension of your personality.

Kris Fernendes has got his intern training at a men's wrist watch makers and since that time, collecting some casual watches have somewhat become his passion.

Kris Fernendes has got his intern training at a men's wrist watch makers and since that time collecting some casual watches have somewhat become his passion. If you wish to see some categories other than casual wear, dive at

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Kris Fernendes has got his intern training at a men's wrist watch makers and since that time, collecting some casual watches have somewhat become his passion.

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