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Memory Loss: What Is Usual and What Is Not

     According to the psychologists, we tend to forget the things that we actually want to forget. But this is not always the case. Sometimes we can not remember things that we ought to. Like the other day I was not being able to recall where I placed the duplicate key of the house. With clenched teeth and closed eyes I desperately kept on searching in my mind where I could possibly placed it for the utmost safekeeping when my younger daughter accidentally bumped on it behind a volume of Encyclopedia Britannica on the book shelf. And it was inevitably followed by a roll of laughter and joking comments on my poor ability to remember the mundane things.

Forgetfulness is often viewed in the light of fun in the movies, in the story books and in our social interactions. But it may not always be as innocent as you think it to be. Little incidences involving forgetfulness which we shake off by laughing over it may actually be the indication of some complex problems of loss of memory. So you should no longer neglect this problem if you feel it is taking a serious turn and address it adequately to know whether there is any disorder taking place in your brain. Here are some information that may help you to understand the relation between our brain and memory.

Our brain has this amazing ability to store information in different parts of our memory. Memory can be classified into short term, long term or recent memories. The brain can store the information for a long time. As for instance just dive down into the remote memory lane and you are sure to find out the pieces of pictures associated with your childhood days.

Now as you progress in your age, the pattern of information storage of your brain also starts changing and it gradually becomes more difficult to recall stored information. As you reach the age of twenty, your brain starts to lose some of its cells and the body also does not produce the chemicals needed for brain work in the same amount as before. These changes affect the ways how you remember the things and the older you are, the more they affect your memory. While the short-term and remote memories remain unaffected by aging, recent memories may sometime betray you. As for example, at certain age we often tend to forget names of people we've met recently. Well, do not get panicked, these are only normal changes.

However, there may be some other causes than aging that may cause memory loss and they include depression, brain injury, effects of alcohol, illnesses, dementia, Alzheimer's disease and side effects of drugs.

So how do you differentiate between a normal memory loss and serious one? Well, memory loss may be the cause of alarm when it significantly disrupts your daily life. Forgetting names or words are just fine, but you should take alarm if you forget such things as a recipe that you have tried many a times before, or can not recall how to get to a place that you frequently visit and so on.

Remember, serious problems related to memory loss get worse over a short time. So if you feel, you are suffering from some memory related problems that are not usual, see a doctor immediately.

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