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Medical Support for a Professional Sports Team

     Football season is finally upon us and that's a great thing, but did you know that we've had exciting football in our city for quite a while. Arena football isn't quite as big or as popular with the masses as professional football, but it can be just as exciting. Playoffs are upon us and I'm excited to see what the next couple of weeks will bring.

The sport has a few rules that are different than those of the NFL, such as a much shorter field (50 yards shorter) and much narrower field goal to kick into. All points scored are the same as the NFL, except for a drop kick that is worth 4 points in Arena football. The Arena Football League really gets 'it' too, the fans are positioned directly on the side lines similar to hockey, but without the glass, giving them an experience that is extremely close to the action. The really cool part about it is that a wide receiver could end up in your lap if you aren't paying attention. Lastly, any fan that is lucky enough to catch a wayward football gets to keep it!

These athletes are just as big and just as fast as the pros and can therefore create some incredibly violent collisions as well. Collisions mean injuries so an excellent medical support team should be standing by at all times. Last time I was at a game I noticed that my local urgent and primary care provider was also in charge of taking care of the players during the games. It makes sense of course since primary and urgent care medical providers tend to handle most everything, including Routine/Primary Care Physicals, Sports Medicine, Acute/Chronic Illnesses, Disease Management, Patient Education, Primary Care which also includes Preventative Care, Wellness and Vaccinations/Immunizations to name a few. This particular clinic is great because they allow patients to walk-in anytime, which results in improved patient convenience and greater optimal flow. I've heard from friends that go to them that the walk-in clinic is able to see patients very quickly and sometimes immediately after walking through the door.

I was impressed to see that what I thought was just a small urgent and primary care clinic was in fact a very well connected and respected medical provider in the city. To be the official medical provider for a major sports team like the San Antonio Talons is a big deal.

Perhaps it's time that I change my medical provider. If this urgent and primary care clinic is good enough for a professional sports team, then it's good enough for me.

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TPC Family Medicine is a family friendly clinic in San Antonio walk in clinic, San antonio Weightloss, ranging from wellness check-ups to vaccinations to weightloss solutions. TPC works with all major insurance companies for billing approval, San Antonio urgent and primary care clinic.

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