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Mastering the Gift Called Light in Photography

     Have you ever tired photography and asked yourself just how do you master light? Have you ever wondered how photographers are able to produce such impressive images?

They say that great photographers have eyes for picturesque landscapes and subjects. Little did they know that most of the amazing photos are produced primarily because the photographers exactly know just how to handle the thing called Light. Light, whether it is natural or not, serves as the best photo-taking buddy of photo enthusiasts around the world.

This element does not only help in enhancing the quality but also adds mood, drama at vibrant atmosphere to the images taken. It also gives emphasis on the subject of the photography. In the absence or lack of it, images taken tend to be so dull while having extreme amount of light will over-expose the subject therefore razing down the mood of the images. In other words, light can bring life to the images.

With this in mind, just how do you master light in photography? First, we must be familiar with its different types and how each type varies from one another. By this, we will be able to identify which light is best for our photograph. There are two kinds of light, natural (those from that do not need the aid of the camera flash just like the light of the high noon and after sundown light) and artificial light that basically comes from the camera flash or other lighting tools use in a photo shoot.

For natural light, there are various types that you can utilize, some of which are the side, back, rim, diffuse and the spot light. Side light is usually used in landscapes or architectures where the light source comes from the edge of the subject and hence creating a shadow casted on the opposite side. Back light, on the other hand, is great at creating silhouette photos. It is where the light comes behind the subject that is also directed in such a way that the light directly points to the position of the camera.

Rim light, however, makes use of the angles caused by the natural light. This type of light creates emphasis or highlights the edges of the subject. The next type would be the diffuse light. This type of light is commonly used in nature photography since it provides even lighting to the subjects. The last common kind of light for photography would be the spotlight. As the name suggests, this type of natural light puts emphasis on one aspect or area of the chosen subject. As for the artificial light, while there are no specific types of it, there are, however, various sources that can be used for photography such as the flash or studio strobe. This source of artificial light is commonly used in closed areas such as studios. You can also utilize the use of incandescent bulbs, LED and fluorescent.

So just how do you really master light? By mastering light, you have to be familiar with its types and their uses. Whichever type of light you choose, remember that it should always reflect the way you want to present your photos; and how these light would create drama or emphasis on your subject.

If you are looking for information on master light in photography, click on the link. Or visit the website at

If you are looking for information on master light in photography, click on the link. Or visit the website at

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If you are looking for information on master light in photography, click on the link. Or visit the website at

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