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Managing Employee Payroll with Peachtree Quantum

     Peachtree Quantum contains all the power-packed features of Peachtree Premium Accounting software, but also includes customizable dashboards, workflows, multiple user capacity (up to 40 users), and amazing improvements in performance. Peachtree Quantum also makes it very easy to manage employee payroll, whether you have five or thirty employees.

Paying employees is not a simple task. Some employees might receive hourly pay while others are on salary. Every employee likely receives over-time pay from time to time. With over-time pay, you'll have to calculate hourly rates differently (such as time and 1/2). This can get confusing when you have multiple employees at various hourly pay rates. But Peachtree Quantum even simplifies this process so you can easily keep track of payroll.

There are also employee federal and state taxes that need to be withheld as well as social security, health insurance, 401K, etc. So it's wise to buy a software program that can lift the burden and keep all employee information neatly organized in one easy-to-use system.

Accountant Transfers

The great thing about Peachtree Quantum is the information can easily be transferred to your accountant's computer for monthly or quarterly tax preparation. You can transfer by CD ROM, DVD, or through online means. With some set-ups your program can be linked to your accountant's system through an intranet type setup so your accountant can simply enter a certain screen of your Peachtree software and print accounting reports as he needs them.

Employee Data and Security

Peachtree Quantum also enables you to store employee data securely with lock-screen features. You can store information such as employee hiring data, emergency contact information, performance reviews, demographic information, and more. Automated email alerts can be established to remind managers of I-9 verifications, employee birthdays, performance reviews, and other important dates.

It's a great way to keep all employee data in one place. Security issues can be minimized by allowing only certain managers to access the employee section of your Peachtree software. This prevents other employees from having access to sensitive data.

Keep Up with Time

Employees can track their own time through the Peachtree system or turn in a time sheet to be entered by a manager. Either way, Peachtree Quantum simplifies the process and eliminates much hand-written paper work!

You can manage payroll on your own with Peachtree Quantum software or opt for other payroll services including print-n-sign forms, direct deposit, e-filing, or outsourced payroll services. Either way, Peachtree can help you keep up with your responsibilities concerning payroll.

Peachtree Quantum can also help you manage all financial aspects of your business, update and track inventory, manage jobs from start to finish, and create and print professional reports and receipts. There are so many features to help your business grow and succeed while staying organized.

Consider buying Peachtree Quantum online where you can buy numerous types of Sage Software, QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS90 Software, ACT Software, and others. Peachtree Quantum can eliminate many headaches when it comes to managing employees and payroll!

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