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Make Sure You Have Proper Paperwork as Evidence of Kitchen Hygiene

     A high profile former television presenter and award-winning hotelier in the UK recently lost their hotel's top certification for food hygiene standards in the hotel's kitchen.

The rating was restored to its correct five star top status after a further inspection, which could not be carried out until a three-month period had elapsed.

There was nothing wrong with the kitchen's hygiene and food preparation standards. Because some of the relevant paperwork had been mislaid the rating was removed.

While in this particular case there does not appear to have been any significant damage to the hotel's reputation it does highlight that not only does commercial kitchen hygiene in hotels, restaurants, pubs and other establishments have to be done, it has to be seen to have been done to the correct standard.

This reinforces the point that when a business serving the public is required to comply with any legislation, particularly related to health and safety and food hygiene it may be a better option to involve the professionals.

In the case of kitchen deep cleaning it is important to choose a company that not only has the correct equipment and certifications itself to carry out the job but also provides a recognised written certificate once it is complete.

It is important to check how a company will carry out the kitchen deep clean before signing any contracts.

A reputable company will offer a free inspection and report to help the business owner or manager to make an informed decision. The company's should carry evidence of being properly maintained and cared for and the company should be able to demonstrate that employees are properly trained in carrying out the job safely as well as efficiently.

When it comes to food preparation and storage facilities it is always better to be safe, so it may be useful to ask what kinds of cleaning materials are to be used, especially if any chemical cleaners are likely to be involved.

There is a growing preference in kitchen deep cleaning for contractors to offer an alternative to using chemical cleaners and instead to use steam cleaning, which has the advantage of penetrating into surfaces such as floors and work tops to get rid of any bacteria lurking below the surface and without using any chemical cleaning fluids to do so.

Most catering operations will have a proper daily cleaning protocol in place and will make sure that their staff are fully trained and carry it out properly. But it is impractical to expect catering staff to be able to carry out regular high level cleaning or to get into hard to reach areas where debris can collect while also carrying out their catering duties.

Therefore it is worth having an annual top to bottom kitchen deep clean carried out to remove the accumulated grime from food particle-laden steam that settles on ceilings, walls, behind cupboards and around the feet of work tops over time.

It is also worth having an efficient system in place for documenting and storing records of such work to ensure that a company has evidence to show to customers and inspectors that it has been done properly.

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Make sure that the cleaning company that carries out your commercial kitchen deep clean is one that provides proper certification that the job has been done and that you keep the paperwork safe. By Ali Withers.

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