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Legendary Rotating Flame Burns Into Reality

     The dream of a rotating flame has mesmerized the human imagination for millennia. Yogi's and teachers of oriental religions taught the concept of meditating upon visualizing a rotating flame. This was to bring healing to a hurting body, bring peace and balance to mind, body and spirit.

Fire dancing or fire twirling was once common among the ancient island tribes in the Pacific Ocean. The Maori of New Zealand (Aotearoa) practice the fire dance of Poi. Fireballs tied to ropes and swirled recurring configurations as a form of physical exercise and religious worship. Native Hawaiian tribes practice fire dances inherited from ancestral times with fire twirled from the ends of batons.

Tribes in other cultures such as Africa would twirl around a rope attached to a suspended container encompassing flammable media lit on fire. Lighthouses are a more modern version of the rotating flame to guide a ship's passage in treacherous waters.

Recent scientific experiments conducted in laboratories have created rotating flames. Lit candles are placed under a clear dome upon a turntable. Higher density hot air will always point towards lower density air. The flame bends inwards opposing the direction of rotation. This is called centripetal force where sideways forces acting upon an object will cause it circular rotation. NASA also performed experiments after discovering that flames will twist in the absence of gravity.

Mythical rotating candle flames were once the mystical substance of ancient legendary lore. That legend has now been manifested into reality. An innovative product to the marketplace has created a rotating flame to enchant the eyes and charm the senses.

The design of the candle holder's base is the prime suspect in the rotating flame mystery. Three air inlets opposing each other are drilled into the sides of a metal ring. A glass chimney with a tall narrow opening protects against extinguishing the flame from sudden drafts. The surrounding air is drawn inward through the air inlets by the flame's heat.

This heated air then flows upward through the glass chimney. This naturally rotates the candle's flame without an external power source. It is the most dazzling effect to delight a viewer's visual senses.

Enhanced with rotating flame technology, the GALLUS™ Light candle holder provides a new way to light up the world. The product offers many unique features for the enjoyment of candlelight consumers everywhere. The GALLUS™ Light candle holder offers a naturally rotating flame, more exactly, at the rate of human heartbeat. In times of darkness, these candle holders will provide light, warmth and companionship to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of any indoor and outdoor living space.

A light breeze will not easily extinguish the flame so candlelight fans will always experience the calm, serene effect of a gently rotating tea light candle flame. This unique tea light product may be placed anywhere inside or outside on a countertop, table, or patio furniture. They provide an interesting conversation piece and brighten any party or social gathering.

The glass chimney is made from a boron silicate material making the tea light candle holder highly heat resistant. Its design seals the flame inside the chimney, making it almost impossible for this tea light candle holder to start an accidental fire. The unique glass chimney receives stable and insulated support from a beautiful wooden base produced from ancient Swiss wood.

The flame produced from this special candle holder produces an interesting visual effect that is different from other tea light candle holders. There are no batteries! That's right, no batteries are needed to maintain the rotation of the flame because the specially designed air inlets power the rotation for the entire lifetime of the candle. If in a dark room, an interesting light display is projected on the ceiling from within the curved glass chimney, creating a unique interplay of dancing white light above the interior of any room.

An experienced and trained Swiss-American entrepreneur leads an experienced team of professionals offering the GALLUS™ Light, one of the highest quality tea light candle holders to be presented around the world.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat. For more information, please visit Gallus

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light (, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

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Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat. For more information, please visit Gallus

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