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Laser Back Surgery

     Laser back surgery is done on the patients who are suffering from intense back pain or ache related to spine. Usually two kinds of surgeries are performed on the spin; invasive and the laser. In the invasive surgery, large amounts of cuts are required that often leads to the tearing of back muscles. In this procedure, anesthesia is required and the healing time is quite high. Several tiny incisions are made into the skin and specific instruments are then added through them. These surgical methods cause minimal injury to the muscle tissues. This often results in fast recovery time and sort stay in the hospital. Minimally invasive spine surgery can be undertaken on any area of the spine. Only few spine surgeries make use of this latest laser based technology. In this type of spine surgery, a lased is used for disconnecting or removing the troubling tissues.

There can be numerous causes of back pain. It is easy to minimize or even completely remove this pain from the body areas such as lower back, neck, legs and arms if its cause can be known. The inner areas of the spine are accessed by first making tiny incisions in the lower back. Then the laser technology is used for making the openings.

It is now possible to rectify the state of inflamed or broken discs by using laser back surgery. This surgery issued fro removing either the inter-vertebral disc or a small part, and is called microdiscectomy. It is a minimally invasive procedure for eliminating the herniated or ruptured disc. A special laser fiber needle is inserted in the inner most area of the disc for creating some space in it by using a microdiscectomy procedure. The nerve roots become compressed due to any tear in the disc. The covering of nerve root lamina is actually uncovered in this procedure. A laser beam is used for cutting the affected area.

The laser back surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and is not at all dangerous. Aside from this there is no blood loss due to any surgical cuts. With the help of laser back surgery, there is minimum pain and the recovery is quite fast. These surgeries are often done for curing certain disorders such as sciatica, foraminal stenosis and failed back syndrome.

In the laser back surgery, the patient is administered the least amount of anesthesia. Certain advanced techniques such as endoscopic, microscopic and arthroscopic are used in this surgery. The needle is placed in the herniated disc with the help of X-ray. The laser energy is pushed through a special optical fiber needle, which is used for treating the disc area. A small area of spine is spawn for creating some vacuum thereby reducing the swelling and the associated pain. The results are immediate. No long term medical care is needed and patient is free to perform daily activities after 24 hours of bed rest.

Some advantages of laser back surgery are:

1. Short hospital stay

2. Low cost as compared to the traditional spine surgery

3. No scarring

4. No cuts

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