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Keep Cold Sores At Bay With These Tips

     Fever blisters and/ or cold sores show up on the facial area next to the nose and mouth as a small cluster of blisters. They can turn red, fill with puss, crack and dry, and tend to be very painful. A good deal of people suffer from this ailment, and don't really understand what causes the fever blisters to appear, or the best way to treat them effectively.

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is the virus that can enter the body and cause these cold sores. It enters through areas of broken skin particularly by the mouth, but lies dormant until it is triggered. Some factors that contribute to a cold sore out break if you already have the virus include cold weather, stress, and sharing personal items with someone that has a cold sore. Don't share utensils, toothbrushes, or exchange saliva by kissing another person that has a visible cold sore.

Fortunately, there are a couple of simple steps that can be used to prevent coldsores.

First of all, since cold sores are spread around by any exposure to body fluids from a person currently suffering cold sores, make sure you stay away from sharing personal items like toothbrushes with such an individual. You also need to avoid swapping cutlery or any item that may have saliva from the person being affected by coldsores.

Cold sores are also triggered by Ultra Violet light; you can effectively prevent cold sores by staying away from direct sunlight as much as possible. If you must go outdoors during the day when the sun is very hot, especially between 11am and 3Pm, you can wear a hat to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. You can also apply sunscreen on your face and around your lips for protection.

When you are under the weather and your body is fighting an ailment that causes you to have a fever, this can trigger a cold sore to come on. Try to control your body temp if you can when you're sick and do not let your temp get too high. There are lots of fever reducer medications out there depending on your symptoms.

In order to avoid cold sores, you should stay away from cold weather as often as possible. If you must go out in cold weather, dress warm. Cold weather tends to cause lips to crack, the HSV virus then enters your body through the broken skin on your lips. During extremely cold weather, you should prevent lips from cracking through application of lip balm. The balm also covers broken skin to prevent any entry of the virus.

Having a lot of stress can also cause a cold sore to show up. Try to lessen the amount of stress within your life as much as possible to help prevent cold sores. You could try some stress relieving activities such as meditating, yoga exercises, or perhaps something simple like taking a bath.

As a final point, make an effort to do everything you can to boost your immunity, this involves eating fresh fruits and foods which can help boost your immunity. In general, a good quality well balanced diet can keep your immunity high and help you evade any attacks. Since cold sores are due to viral infection, there's not a clear treatment. Trying if at all possible to prevent them is therefore the only way to stay away from the painful experience.

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