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Karaoke Machine Buying Guide

     Almost everyone loves to sing, whether or not they have the voice for it is considered insignificant. Also, the best man-made invention that allows people to satisfy their crooning desires is probably no other than the karaoke machine.

A Little Bit of History

The word karaoke, often mispronounced with a long e at the end instead of a short one, originated from a Japanese word meaning empty orchestra. A karaoke machine enables to a player sing a song without the accompaniment of any primary voice, and read the lyrics from a monitor. Initially afforded only by wealthy individuals and public venues such as restaurants and nightclubs, the karaoke machine gradually gained popularity, and its use soon spread to the United States and other European regions.

Types of Karaoke Machines

Karaoke Machines Using Cassette Tapes The earliest karaoke machine made use of cassette tapes and printed lyrics. Although this model is considered antiquated, some brand new models and lots of secondhand models are still sold in the market. It usually comes with a free microphone.

Standard Karaoke Machine There are two types of machines that are currently in use today - one that is coin-operated and the other, through the automated use of a remote control. Both, however, can be linked to a TV monitor and used with a microphone. Audio quality, pitch and tempo can be adjusted. Songs are digitally added to the karaoke machines database. Most standard karaoke machines are also able to provide users with ratings for the songs theyve sung.

Karaoke CDs

Instead of buying a karaoke machine, you can opt to purchase a karaoke CD. It can be played in your PC, VCD or DVD player and even your video game console. Although more compact, it doesnt provide ratings for players.

Microphone Based Karaoke Machines

A karaoke system is installed in the microphone and has only to be connected to the TV to work. Punch in the digits of your selected song through the keypad found on the surface of the microphone and sing away. Most models usually allow changing of chips for enjoyment of newer songs. Some are battery-operated as well.

What to Look for in a Karaoke Machine

Audio Quality Some karaoke machines have extremely powerful audio quality, powerful enough to make even the worse voices sound tolerable. Besides voice projection, make sure that the karaoke machine also allows the user to manage and modify audio quality through manual control of bass, pitch, tone and other sound elements.

Video Graphics

Can the background used on songs be changed? Are the graphics viewable for all ages?

Portability If you like traveling with your karaoke machine at all times, you might do better with a microphone based karaoke machine than all others.


Several types of karaoke machines are not equipped with rating capabilities. Be prepared to pay for more if you wish to know whether your singing abilities are improving or not.

Song Database

Does the karaoke machine allow you to add more songs to the database, or at least change discs or chips so you can try out new ones?


This is tricky to determine although lower prices usually suggests inferior quality and durability; its better, however, to browse online for reviews on the karaoke machine youre planning to purchase.

Accessories for Your Karaoke Machine

There are several items you can purchase to improve the performance of your karaoke machine, keep it safer and generally have more fun with it!

Amplifiers Make the walls vibrate with the powerful resonance of your lovely voice when you connect amplifiers to your karaoke machine. Be careful however when buying amplifiers; if youre not an expert on sound quality, find one to help you determine the model that produces the best sounds for the price you can afford.


Do you want to be able to use your karaoke machine through your desktop PC or laptop? Do you want to be able to sing while youre driving your car? Connectors will allow users to properly link their karaoke machines to the specified device.

Leather Bag and Other Safety Cases

Keep your karaoke machine safe from scratches and getting jarred by placing them inside leather bags or any other safety case sold in the market.

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