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Is the HIV Test Based On Fraud?

     It has been said that the HIV test is greatly flawed and unreliable.

The HIV test can cost over £90. If found HIV test positive the drugs for AIDS treatment that follows can mount to something like £30,000 per patient each year. Therefore, if the HIV laboratory test method is greatly flawed and unreliable then it brings into question the validity of the HIV test kits and follow-on AIDS anti-viral drugs as well as the integrity of the pharmaceutical companies as they stand to make huge profits.

Is the HIV test based on fraud? Let's look at the evidence:

There are two biochemical test methods to find out whether or not an individual has ''HIV''. One is called ELIZA (Enzyme- Linked Immuno-Absorbent Assay) and the other, the Western Blot. ''HIV'' is not directly tested: Allegedly, both tests are devised so that they can detect antibodies in the blood serum made as a response to the presence of ''HIV''.

ELIZA is supposed to differ from the other test in that it is less specific and picks up on a more general antibody activity. A test positive is shown by a colour change.

However, it is known that this test can illicit something like sixty different false positive results caused by different conditions in the individual. -These HIV tests are not reliable; a lot of factors can skew the tests, like fever and pregnancy.

It has been said that the Western Blot is more accurate, detecting a number of ''HIV'' proteins reacting with blood serum antibodies. A test positive is shown by a series of darkened ''bands'' on a nitro-cellulose strip. Because the Western Blot is more accurate it has been used as a ''confirmatory'' test after a test positive ELISA result.

However, there are many who have challenged the ''HIV'' tests, claiming that they are deceptive and not accurate. "Both tests are non-specific to HIV antibodies and are highly Inaccurate. Non-specific means that these tests respond to a great number of non-HIV antibodies, microbes, bacteria and other conditions that are often found in the blood of normal, healthy people. A reaction to any one of these other antibodies then conditions will result in an HIV positive diagnosis.

A simple illness like a cold or the flu can cause a positive reading on the HIV test. A flu shot or other vaccine can also create positive results. Having or having had herpes or hepatitis may produce a positive test, as can a vaccination for hepatitis B. Exposure to disease such as tuberculosis and malaria commonly cause false positive results, as do the presence of tapeworms and other parasites. Conditions such as alcoholism, liver disease and blood that is highly oxidated through drug use may be interpreted as the presence of HIV antibodies. Pregnancy and prior pregnancy can also cause a positive result.

As well as the above, there are other crazy circumstances.

The criteria set for reporting positive results on the laboratory tests for ''HIV'' vary across: Different parts of the world, within countries, different institutions and different laboratories.

For example, the USA specifies that varying sets of two or three bands seen on the Western Blot nitrocellulose strip gives rise to "HIV'' positive. While in Australia certain sets of four bands would be needed. So it's possible you could be HIV positive in the USA and then fly off to Australia and be HIV negative!

Another circumstance that questions the validity of the test is where it is said that there are bands produced by non-HIV antibodies. This is called cross-reacting and these bands mislead. Understandably, it makes it harder to pass judgement on the test result.

Usually, the individual concerned is devastated when the news is given that an HIV positive result was found: It may well be interpreted as a death sentence, since he / she is likely to accept the ill-informed Doctor reporting the result, who is equally unaware of the unreliability of the test. Not to mention the echoes ringing in the head of all those media stories he / she has heard, chanting that baseless and unfounded mantra: ''HIV causes AIDS''.

This poor unfortunate person may commit suicide as a consequence of this phoney lab testing. Mothers to be have been later lead to have abortions. Depression and divorce has in some cases followed…

-The punch line to all this lunacy should be made loud and clear. Don't take the HIV test. If you are offered it then refuse at all costs! Don't play Russian roulette with your life.

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