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IRS Tax Debt? IRS Settlement Plans? Find Answers to Your IRS Tax Questions Here

     Sooner or Later, most of us will be faced with IRS Tax Debt, and we will all have IRS Tax Questions. Once you owe the IRS, it's hard to get out IRS Tax Debt. You'll have so many IRS Tax Questions that need to be answered. This article will answer popular IRS Tax Questions to help you resolve IRS tax debt in the best way possible.

IRS Tax Question: How long does the IRS have to collect IRS Tax Debt?

The IRS can enforce actions to collect on your Tax Debt for 10 years. This clock starts ticking the moment your debt is assessed, and certain actions you take may extend the amount of time the IRS has to collect on your debt.

Common IRS Tax Question- Does Bankruptcy work on IRS Tax Debt?

No, the statute of limitations in which the IRS can collect IRS Tax Debt is paused while you are in bankruptcy. The moment you come out of it, that IRS Tax Debt will still be there, and the IRS will be hot on your heels to collect. Consider getting an IRS Settlement Plan as a way of minimizing your IRS Tax Debt.

IRS Tax Questions on an IRS Settlement Plan- How can I qualify?

An IRS Settlement Plan is the best way out of IRS Tax Debt. It is a structured payment plan fitted to eliminate your tax debt. If you are facing dire straits financially, consult with a tax professional and see if there's a way for you to receive an IRS Settlement Plan.

IRS Tax Question: I haven't filed my taxes and now I'm loaded down with IRS Tax Debt, most of it being interest and penalty fees. What are my options?

The IRS offers Penalty Abatement for compliant taxpayers who have "Reasonable Cause" for not filing, such as cases of death, natural disaster, and theft. But remember, there is no way to remove interest from your tax debt, only the penalties, and even then only if you qualify.

If you are not eligible for a Penalty Abatement to minimize your IRS Tax Debt, talk to a Tax Professional about an IRS Settlement Plan. He should be able to answer all your IRS Tax Questions.

Common Tax Question: What can I do to Remove my IRS Tax Lien?

An IRS Tax Lien is basically assigned to your debt by default, and once it's there, it's there until you repay your tax debt. Until then, it will remain on public record as a way for the IRS to secure its interests. IRS Tax Questions on if you qualify for a payment plan like an IRS Settlement Plan to remove your IRS tax debt and the lien attached to it are best answered by a legal professional.

IRS Tax Question: Can I settle my debt for "Pennies on the Dollar"?

An "Offer in Compromise" or an "IRS Settlement Plan" is used by the IRS to reduce the amount you owe. However, as IRS Settlement Plans go, it isn't that common to reduce the amount to a "pennies on the dollar" sum. The IRS performs a rigorous background check for anyone who tries to qualify for an IRS Settlement Plan. Most people will not qualify for one. Most people would like to believe they can find an IRS Settlement Plan where they only pay a small portion of their IRS Tax Debt, but realistically, the best IRS Settlement Plans pay off the IRS Tax Debt over time.

IRS Tax Debt and IRS Tax Settlement shouldn't be a mystery. See a Tax Professional with your IRS Tax questions today

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