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Invoicing with Peachtree Accounting Software

     If you're frustrated with using outdated methods of invoicing your customers, Peachtree accounting software can help simplify the process. Customer invoicing is a vital part of any company's operations. It's the process of sending a customer a bill for services rendered or for products sold.

Invoicing produces a type of informal agreement between you and the customer stating that a certain dollar amount is due, which products/services the amount covers, and when it is due.
The invoice gives the customer a tangible confirmation that the transaction has been completed.

Traditional methods of invoicing have included a number of methods, from writing out a pre-printed invoice by hand to creating invoices using a good old-fashioned typewriter! Even many software programs that are used to create printed invoices don't offer organizational features to actually keep up with invoice numbers, dates, etc. This is why Peachtree software has become so popular among businesses. Peachtree not only prints professional business invoices in the style and layout you prefer, but the software enables you to track invoices by keeping them organized by date, number, name, product, etc. Imagine never having to look through the file cabinet for last year's invoice again!

Adding Data

Peachtree enables you and your employees to easily add new jobs or sales transactions and create invoices using simple data entry screens. It will even keep up with which invoice number you're on so you won't have to enter it manually. You may assign customer ID numbers, which enables you to view all invoices and transactions made for one particular client.

You'll record each invoice quickly and easily, and then it's ready to print or send to the customer. And because invoices are stored within your Peachtree software, you can go back and make changes to invoices as needed. This can come in handy when a customer suddenly changes an order or needs a refund.

Invoicing the Customer

With Peachtree's advanced features and online integration, you no longer have to print and mail every single invoice. If your customer has e-mail, then you can create an invoice in Peachtree and then e-mail or FAX it right from your software. Imagine the paper saved when not having to send printed invoices to every customer! You can also do the same for credit memos, receipts, quotes, statements and purchase orders.

Avoid Re-Entering Data

Once a customer is set up in your Peachtree system with a customer ID, you can easily add new invoices to that customer's file without having to re-type certain information. The customer's name, phone number, address, etc. will already be in the system. Even certain invoice details can remain the same if a customer generally orders the same items.

Billing Made Easy

If you need to bill certain customers monthly, weekly or yearly, Peachtree makes it easy to do so. Your billing can be programmed to remember when customers need to be billed using billing cycles. This means you won't have to keep up with billing schedules on your own.

Accompanying Features for Accounting

Another great feature of Peachtree invoicing is it can be streamlined with other accounting sections of your software. When you invoice a customer, that invoice amount will automatically be added to your sales account and increase Accounts Receivable. This allows you to keep up with sales and profits without having to enter all the information in separate areas every time a customer is sent an invoice.

Peachtree by Sage Software is available online along with other types of programs such as MAS90 accounting software, MAS 200 software and others. Before buying, compare all the features of each program to ensure you're getting the features you need.

Peachtree has various versions including Peachtree Quantum, Peachtree Complete, Peachtree Pro, etc. so it's wise to check out all your options before buying. There is also certified Peachtree training available if you need help setting up your software. Consider Peachtree for all your invoicing needs!

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