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Intraoral Cameras And Dental X-rays Provide Improved Diagnosis

     Dental x-rays and intraoral cameras provide valuable information that helps your dentist properly evaluate your oral health. With the help of digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, your dentist can look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. The recent advancements in technology allow for the elimination and decreased exposure to radiation through digital x-rays. If you have any questions about your dental x-ray exam or the use of intraoral cameras in examination, talk to your Kalamazoo dentist today for more information.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital dental x-rays are pictures of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues around them to help find problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. They are a new method that is used in some dental offices, and utilize a small sensor unit to send pictures to a computer to be recorded and saved. Digital x-rays can show cavities, hidden dental structures, and bone loss that cannot be seen during a visual examination. They may also be done as a follow-up after dental treatments.

Dental x-rays are often performed to:

* Find problems in the mouth such as tooth decay, damage to the bones supporting the teeth, and dental injuries such as broken tooth roots. Dental x-rays are used to find these problems early, before any symptoms are present.
* Find teeth that are not in the right place or do not break through the gum properly.
* Plan treatment for large or extensive cavities, root canal surgery, placement of dental implants, and difficult tooth removals.
* Plan treatment of orthodontics
* Check for the location of permanent teeth growing in the jaw in children who still have their primary teeth.
* Find cysts, solid growths, or abscesses.

What are Intraoral Cameras?

For improved performance, your dentist offers intraoral cameras, which can help your dentist easily visualize problem areas in the mouth. The intraoral camera lets both you and your dentist to be assured that the right treatment plan is being developed. The intraoral camera hand piece is approximately the size and shape of a dental mirror. It has a built-in light source and serves as a tiny video camera that allows your dentist to zoom in on one tooth with 25 times the magnification, or to give you a video tour of your entire mouth.

With the intraoral camera, there are no mysteries about what is going on in a patient's mouth. It provides both the patient and dentist a clear visual of what is currently going on with their teeth and gums. While x-rays provide valuable information that we can't get from any other source, they can't show you everything that is going on in your mouth. That is why we are intraoral cameras have been integrated in your dentist's office.

The images are displayed so that patients can see problems such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings and excessive wear. These images can even be printed out for patients to take home. From the pictures, a proper treatment plan can be created. With a clear understanding of their dental conditions, patients will be able to make treatment decisions with confidence.

With digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, your dentist in Kalamazoo can provide superior care by finding dental problems before they worsen.

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Lindenwoods Dental is comprised of Dr. Carrie Lintner and Dr. Bill Lustig, Kalamazoo family dentist. Together these family dentists in Kalamazoo provide a variety of dental treatments and procedures, including teeth whitening, dental implants and Invisalign.

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