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Instilling Self-confidence to Toddlers

     Some children are shy and withdrawn because they have no sense of self-confidence nor they do believe in themselves. It's sad. Children who are too shy end up missing some of the best things that life has to offer such as making new friends or joining in fun-filled group activities. Most often than not, shy children who do not know how to assert themselves get left out in school activities and this shyness can manifest itself in determining their success once they grow up to be adults.

It's said that most self-esteem issues have originated in childhood, which is why it is really important for parents to assure their children and help them develop self-confidence. Children, in their growing up years, need assurance and knowledge in all things which help them blend in the society. Children that are self-confident can undoubtedly adapt to new environments with the help of self-esteem. People who have developed self-confidence as early in their childhood is less likely to doubt himself in their adult years. Through efficient techniques, you help your child gain self-confidence that will boost his/her self-esteem as an individual.

Be aware of your child's needs.
Like in every problem, awareness is always the first step. In this case, parents should be aware of the needs of their children. Some or many children lack self-confidence because they have no one to share their feelings and insecurities with that it consumes them. Oftentimes, parents fail to understand what's on their children's minds. Not all parents know their children that well and spending quality time on a regular basis with your child will make you see them more and understand whatever they are going through.

Have faith in your child.
In order to feed confidence in your child you should first have faith in what he could do and trust them. Scolding your child, humiliating them, criticizing them and comparing them with other children who are better than him doesn't help and instead, loses your child's confidence and lowers his self-esteem. A good parent should accept their child's mistakes and encourage them to improve themselves. In a nice manner, point out to them his strengths and weaknesses as early as possible so that your child quickly shows improvement in his performance. At the same time, give your child positive reinforcement for doing a good job so that it helps instil his self-esteem that continues giving good performance.

Send your child to school.
Home is said to be the first learning place of your child, but it's also the best thing to send her to a trusted school where children spend most of their time learning be it in academics or extra-curricular activities. It is also an environment where your child meets kids and plays with them and eventually develop peer bonding. Through peers, your children's confidence can be influenced easily and it's the teacher's job to initiate them do good things and help instil confidence in them in the absence of the parents.

Teach your child to think for themselves.
Parents tend to get frustrated when their children takes a whole lot of time to answer a question and just give the answer it is called "spoon-feeding" and doing it constantly doesn't do any help in the overall development of your child. Teach your child to become smart and capable of making decisions on his own. Children need to learn to develop critical thinking to figure out answers. If they get the answer correct, praise them but if not, don't get mad and yet all them but explain to them why they are incorrect and encourage them to do better until they finally get the answer right. It is said to be more effective when children do it themselves, instead of being told the answers. This helps your child become a smart person and at the same time, it boosts their self-confidence.

Encourage your child.
Everyone is not perfect; they face failure once in a while. Don't scold your child but teach them to learn from failure and take that as an experience and a trigger to try again and do way better. "If you first don't succeed, try again", "Practice makes perfect" are some of the important beliefs that are need to be instilled in every child.
Parents should make sure that they do all they can to instil self-confidence in their children so that they will develop to be fine individuals. Remember that shyness will not get you success in life.

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