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Information about Notice CP-91: Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Pay

     The CP 91 (Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits) is actually the last warning from prior to them hitting you with their best shot. This is your last chance before the IRS claims a hunk of your SSI to immediately resolve the debt you owe!

Notice CP91 from the IRS, Don't Sit On Your Laurels

You should get in contact with the IRS with a solution to your IRS tax debt within about 1 month from the date on the Notice. If you do not make it a point to contact the IRS, you can expect severe repercussions in the form of a levy on your Social Security wages of up to 15%. The IRS does not care if you require all of your SSI to take care of your monthly obligations. They'll claim the money to satisfy your Tax Debt.

What Can I Do to Halt the Levy on My Social Security Wages?

If had its way, you would repay the whole amount you owe the IRS to stop the Tax Levy from happening. But most times, it might be impossible to afford to pay back what you owe in full. It's difficult to negotiate a payment with when you try to do so alone, but you might be able to work out a solution if you employ a professional tax specialist to speak for you. Here are a few of your available options should you opt for expert assistance:

Monthly Payments to the IRS: Using an Installment Agreement, the IRS might let you submit small installments every month to satisfy your Tax Debt. The IRS representatives will meticulously examine your financial situation and decide from that point whether or not you meet the criteria. Tax Debt Settlement: Determined by your economic state, you might be able to settle your tax debt for less than what you really owe and settle it all in a single payment. This could possibly save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that does not settle tax debt for less easily, so having an debt professional working for you to negotiate an Offer in Compromise (OIC) is vital.

Currently Non Collectible: You might be granted a release from the collection process with "Currently Non Collectible Status" ("Currently Not Collectible" or "CNC") if you are absolutely unable to submit a payment to This status is only for people who have no money left after all necessary bills are paid in full. "Currently Not Collectible" will halt any and all collection actions, although only on a temporary basis, and shield your money from the CP91 levy.

Feeling Lost About the IRS CP 91 Notice?

You can attempt to contact on your own, disclose your circumstances, and hope they side with you. If you do not have a little understanding of the tax code and how it works, it may be hard to agree on a fair settlement with The good news is that you're already on the right track by looking into your options, but getting on the level it takes to take care of tax debt problems will take much more work. Take into consideration getting a tax resolution expert to help with your tax debt if don't know what to do. Otherwise, simply contact yourself.

How to Be Sure You've Gotten a Qualified Debt Settlement Professional

You must take steps at once when you receive Notice CP91 from the IRS, so expect your tax debt resolution company to act accordingly. You'll want a firm that is prepared to work hard from the very start. Here's how you will know you chose the right business:

  • Their rating with the BBB is at least an A Rating

  • They have been in business for ten years or more

You should always take the time to call a potential IRS tax debt resolution firm to inquire about the services they offer. You'll want a firm that is trustworthy and reliable for taking care of your CP-91 Tax troubles.

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