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How To Prevent Cardiac Problems By Changing Lifestyle Habits

     It has been proven beyond doubt that much of the heart attacks that many people suffer from are as a result of their lifestyle habits. Of course, there are people who have had heart attacks while they followed good lifestyle habits such as eating well, exercising and managing stress. However, such cases are mostly genetic or othrerwise in nature, and far apart. The majority of cases can be linked to our daily habits of living.

A good habit such as jogging can be counter productive if certain things are not taken into consideration. A friend of mine was jogging everyday and ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and added little salt to his food or none at all, yet his condition did not improve. He tried to mange this problem by reducing the distances he ran. Also, instead of running from Mondays to Fridays as usual, he ran only thrice a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridys and for less clock time - and yet this problem of acute exhaution never stopped.

Ultimatetely he suffered a mild heart attack. His doctor told him to stop jogging until further notice. He asked him where he lived and did his jogging. Of course we live in the sprawling flatland of Johannesburg, called Hillbrow, here in South Africa. So my friend had wondered how that could be of import to his heart condition.

Now Hillbrow has hundreds of thousands of cars moving through this densely populated surburb everyday. My friend usually jogged in the mornings around nine. The doctor told him that this exhaustion was caused by the monoxide fumes from the cars that were plying the streets of Hillbrow. This was after he'd taken blood samples of my friend for a laboratory analysis, which turned out that he had high levels of lead in his blood cells. He advised him to go to any nearby park, especially very early in the mornings before cars started filling up the streets, to do his jogging there.

At this time of the morning the air was much fresher and he would be spared the danger of inhaling the smog from the exhaust fumes from cars, trucks and buses. Carbon monoxide fumes from cars can lead to high concentrations of lead - a very heavy and poisonous metal, for that matter- in the blood stream and cause a cardiac arrest. So it is imperative to get as much fresh air as possible if one jogs in an area with a lot of cars moving around the streets, his doctor told him.

My friend heeded this advice. After resting for three months, he started his jogging once more - gradually. After only a mere week running in a park early in the morning, he did not feel any exhaustion. He reckoned this could be the result of having stopped running for three months, but even after increasing his jogging pace and time, he still enjoyed peak energy levels afterwards. No doubt his blood was fully oxygenated, and in this way his body organs functoined at an optimum level.

It is also a good idea to drink lots of liquids the night before jogging and also after jogging. A balanced diet with enough protein, minerals and omega 3 fats is essential to replace all the nutrients gobbled up by the body during jogging.

Since then, my friend has even ran in the annual prestigious Durban marathon once and finished within the deadline time, and his health has improved a great deal.The last time he went for his blood test, the lead content traces in his blood had vanished. His doctor told him his heart was now as strong as that of an ox.

It is important that you breath in fresh air when exercising, or take time to oxygenate your blood by doing dep breathing exercises. This has the good effect of lowering the chances of a cardiac arrest. This also has the effect of increasing our energy levels and preventing the onset of cancer. Carbon monoxide fumes are an insiduous cause of a plethora of heart and respiratory ailments for inner city dwellers. The carbon monoxide fumes from car exhausst can raise the level of lead in our blood stream which can lead to cardiac ailments, and undermine the health of our repiratory tract. Oxygenating our blood regularly is the answer, even if one is not exerting himself or herself in any form of physical exercise.

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