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How To Improve Your Health With The Power Of Breathing

     Breathing,being a reflex action, is taken for granted by many people. As a result, many of us do not reap the full health benefits of proper breathing. It has been proven beyond any doubt that proper breathing can prevent the onset of cancerous cells, boost energy levels and afford us allround good health, mentally and physically.

Tests have been conducted with mice by scientists to determine the benefits of proper breathing and the negative effects of the lack of proper breathing. First, it has to be understood that proper breathing has to do with optimally oxygenating the blood. Two groups of mice were put in two different cages for these breathing tests. One cage was starved of enough oxygen, but stocked with plenty of food loved by mice, such as cheese and other delicacies. The next cage was filled with an abundance of oxygen, though it was deprived of enough food.

After a month, it was observed that the mice in the cage with plenty food and little oxygen had grown fat, and were suffering from all sorts of ailments, including the growth of cancerous cells and general ill health. They did not even procreate as vigorously. However, the second cage's mice looked healthier, more active and boisterous, and far more healthier. They were even procreating much more than their counterparts in the first cage.

In six months time, the population in the first cage had diminished, while the number of mice in the second cage had increased threefold, even though they survived on starvation diet. It is the same with human beings. The more our blood is fully oxygenated, the better it is for our health. Oxygen detoxes our bodies through the lymph system, which can be regarded as the sewage system of our bodies. There are people in the Oriental world, especially India, who have lived for years with little food or no food at all; all because they have mastered the art of breathing in such a way that their blood stream has an abundance of oxygen at all times.

Try this exercise everyday for a month: three times a day just before breakfast, before lunch and before bedtime. Breath in deeply and try to hold your breath to the count of ten before exhaling. After some days or a week you can then increase the count to sixteen or twenty. Do this exercises for sessions of fifteen minutes everyday for a month. After a week you will be pleasantly surprised how energetic you feel. Your complexion will also begin to glow, and you will enjoy better and more restful sleep.

For smokers, this can be helpful in helping in your effort to stop this detestable habit. You will also feel more relaxed most of the time and will be able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath or panting.You will also be less prone to go down with colds and influenza, your health will improve for the better and you will always feel sprightly and lively.

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