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How to Have Fun at Home

     Having a teenager is costly; it seems like most things that are fun cost a ton of money. Unless you want to sit at home, kids feel like they have to go out to have fun. Movies, restaurants, concerts; everything costs money. Eventually, parents will get fed up with handing out money all the time and tell their kids to get a job. This is usually a death sentence for many teenagers. What fun jobs can they even get? Caregiver jobs are not fun and nor are CNA jobs for high school students. Teens often do not want to work because they have so many other things on their plate as well. Parent often do not realize that between school clubs and athletics, teens do not want to work in the little free time they do have. However, if you do not have a part-time job then you will not have money to do fun things with your friends. Unless they come up with some ways to have fun that do not constitute spending tons of money. Here are few tips and tricks to having fun without spending money on movies or dinner or other things.

Video game parties are never too juvenile. Whether you have e group of boys or a mixed gender group, this can be a fun activity for everyone. With all the new interactive gaming coming out now a days, there are tons of options for video game nights as well. The new systems that use remote or cameras to sense movement are great for mixed gender video game nights. The sports games or dancing games are awesome for getting everyone excited and competitive. Some people think that these things are nerdy, but if you are having fun, then there is nothing nerdy about it.

Old-fashioned game nights are just as fun too. Once again, this is one of the things that people think is for family nights and little kids. However, this is a really fun activity for teenagers when there is not much else to do. If you are a young person with a boyfriend or girlfriend, this is also great for double dates or group date ideas. Sometimes kids get tired of only hanging out with their boyfriend or girlfriends, and this is one way to spice it up. There are more advanced board games as well such as the movie games. These games are fun and interactive like Pictionary but are more exciting than the boring old board games you played while you were a kid.

Also, the idea of poker nights will never get old. Poker nights are not just for married old men who are trying to escape from their wives for the night. Poker feels less juvenile than other games but is cheap and easy. Odds are that someone in your group of friends owns a poker set or poker chips and cards. There are a lot of different forms of poker as well. In the event that Texas hold-em gets boring, you can just look up a new form of poker in the internet.

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