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How to Establish Good Relationship in Siblings

     Being a parent is really a very difficult task to do especially if your have a lot of kids to guide and provide with. You need to devote yourself in giving them the best life that they could ever have plus you have to make sure that they will always be guided and monitored by you. You must always know what's happening to them so you can able to help them when they need something and you can also laugh with the when they are happy. Being their parent, you must be the first that they can have, share with and run into, no matter what they feel and because of that, it's your responsibility to always be available for them all the time.

Growing your children is the hardest part of being a parent. There will come a time that different issues will come out between siblings and it will result to fights, rivalries and other complications in their relationship. So in able to avoid that and to help you build a good relationship among your children, here are some tips that you may use.

1. Never show to your kids that you have a favorite in them. Favoritism can make the others feel envy and angry to their brothers and sisters especially if they can obviously feel it. Make sure that you will treat all of them fairly and evenly so they will also feel that they need to treat their siblings in that same way.

2. Whenever they had a fight, never get angry to any of them without asking both of them. Talk to them in a nice way and if you have to spank both of them then do it, it is for them to realize that as siblings, they must not fight with each other. Hurting both of them is better than choosing only one to be spanked to avoid hurting one's feelings. Show them that both of them will be punished if they will not learn to treat each of their brothers and sisters correctly.

3. Help your kids establish a good relationship wit one another through activities that they can do together. Let them play games that will help them develop their skills and abilities such as the bean bag games and more. This bean bag game will not just give them enjoyment and fun but it is also a perfect chance for the siblings to have a quality time where they can learn to value one another and with that, relationship as brothers and sisters will surely be closer and more intimate.

4. It is very important that you as their parents will be the first one to teach them good relationship with one another. Never be tired of telling them that they need to share what they have with their other siblings and that as much as they can, they must always understand each other no matter. They must be the first ones to be with each other's side in times of need and happiness. Teach them in their young age and you'll see that they will remember that until they grow old.

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