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How to Effectively Babysit a Toddler

     As infants grow up faster, their behaviors changed rapidly over time. Babysitting a toddler is not as easy as taking care of a child aged 5 to 10 years old because they have different needs and behaviors. Before you decide to make babysitting as your part-time job, be sure that you are well prepared and ready to meet the challenges, pressures and excitement of babysitting toddlers because they have higher level of energy and have different care requirements compared to other children of different age levels. Also ensure that you have enough patience and determination to babysit and to care for toddlers.

To catch their attention and to spend time with them effectively, consider giving them educational toys. Try giving them wooden building blocks to while their time because these toys are not only the popular among children of this stage, but they are durable, colorful, stack easily and toddlers love to build towers and break them again and again.

Provide them with variety of toys to play on, like rattles, books or other educational toys because they get bored easily with only one toy or activity quickly. Providing them with variety of toys and educational activities will not only stimulate their interest, but you will keep them cycling with these toys over time. Be ready to change different types of toys over time because they have short attention span and they bore easily.

Another activity to consider is to read a book to them, especially when you noticed that their energy level is tapering off. You will not only establish rapport and closeness with the child, but you will also help them learn and understand syntax and language. When choosing a book to read to toddlers, select those that have short words, but many colorful and big pictures and illustrations.

Other than toys and reading stories, also try to sing a song to them, take them for a short walk in a stroller, teach them colors, or making silly noises about animals, like cows, horses or pigs.

Always remember to keep the child well-fed and hydrated because these activities expend all their energy and make them hungry and thirsty. It is suggested to keep a bottle of juice or milk a your disposal all the time to remain them hydrated. Also keep snacks in easy reach because some toddlers need to eat more than adults.

When he runs out of energy, let them sleep undisturbed because they need to rest and they usually go from highly stimulated to falling asleep. With the said pattern, you can tailor the care given according to the energy level of the child. Part of babysitting is being aware of the toddlers' energy levels before they get moody and cranky.

Also have a regular check up with their diapers and check them prompty if needed. If the child is toilet trained by their parents, ask the toddlers regularly if they need to use the toilet and watch for signs that they need to go to the comfort room.

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