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How to Choose Space Heaters and Safety Tips to Avoid Fire

     During the coldest days of the winter season, you may need to add heat to a space in your house, may be for a new baby or a visiting relative. Portable space heaters had bad reputation, at some point, as fire hazards. But in most cases, the fire was a result of incorrect use or failure to strictly follow instructions and apply some common sense. The most modern and current models of space heaters are safer and more efficient than ever.

Heare are some safety tips and guidelines on how to use space heaters to avoid hazards like fire, carbon monoide emission and poisoning, and other accidents and injuries. This article also include facts about space heaters and the models that are best to go with.

* Read manufacturer instructions carefully. The method of use is laid out and explained clearly and in a detailed manner. Exactly follow each of them. If it says, a heater should be three feet away from any flammable items, such as bedding or drapes, do so precisely.

* Never place a portable heater on your countertop. It must be seated on the floor to reduce the risk of being knocked over, starting a fire. Heaters specifically designed for table tops are of course an exception to certain this rule.

* Never use an extention cord. Most heater manufacturers provide an electrical cord which is long enough to reach the main power outlet. But if you really need to use an extension cord, it should be heavy-duty. Don't make use of the same type that may be used for a table lamp, as it's not able to handle the wattage that space heaters need.

* New models of portable space heaters have certain very special features. Some have a blower and a ceramic technology. It can be adjusted and it could be turned to evenly distribute heat throughout a space. They can be laid on their side and tehy can be used as baseboard heaters. Many heater manufacturers include an automatic turn-off feature when the device tips over. Some include a feature that can sense heat in front of it. When it comes too close to a combustible material, a curtain for example, it automatically turns off before it could even start a fire.

* Certain models come with a removable thermostat which can be placed at the other end of a room, maintaining the right temperature throughout the whole room. Some include remote controls and nightlight feature. Note that parabolic space heaters heat just what they can "see," rather than the air in the entire space. For example, when you point a parabolic heater at your couch you will be sitiing, you would feel the heat, but it does not heat the air around your couch.

* An oil-filled space heater is perhaps one of the most efficient models, as they actually can copy the technology behind the radiator. An electric material heats this type of unit. When it reaches the set temperature, it will automatically be turned off. Though shut down, it continues to generate heat because of the residual heat from the oil.

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