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Hendren Group Bonds And Equities On The Rise

     Hendren Group is a financial management and investment company dealing with investment methods and strategies. Based in Tokyo boasting a large base of private clients and a well skilled team of advisors, they conduct research and then subsequently develop short and long-term systematic approaches to achieving optimum returns on investments for themselves, their associates and for their current client base.

Hendren Group analyst compiled data shows that investors switched billions of dollars out of the safety of cash into both equity and bonds funds within the first half of the year, with a large proportion in high-yielding fixed income, on the back of an improvement in sentiment encouraged by rising hopes of an economic recovery.

This year investors withdrew over $247 million from international money markets and injected approximately $213 million into mixed portfolios containing equity and bonds in the bid to seek better returns through a riskier strategy, whilst globally this year in a study-compiled results showing $250 billion has been pumped in bonds and $220 billion into equities.

The data does not lie, there has been a large increase this year into bonds and equities excluding last month which lay way to an opposite flow, an anomaly created by the Federal Reserve’s announcements to taper stimulus, investors are looking to generate higher returns and the money markets cannot fulfill their current thirst for gains.

With near zero interest rates and the prospect that rates are staying low, this has prompted investors into switching into equity and higher yielding bonds,” said David Holmes, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at the Hendren Group.

Hendren Group is set to continue to advise clients to acquire shares within carefully selected equities adding to successful diversified portfolios.

About us

Hendren Group is a financial management and investment company based in Tokyo, Japan and has satellite offices in major cities in Asia. Founded in 2000 by a group of professionals in the financial sector, Hendren Group has the expertise in investment and corporate finance since day one.

Hendren Group strives to continue excelling in all facets of finance with the help of a team committed in being the best in their field. At Hendren Group, we know that being creative and innovative are crucial to gaining advantage in the market so we are constantly finding ways to implementing such ideas in all our accounts.

Integrity is the guiding principle of Hendren Group -- the foundation where our corporate and client partnerships are built on. All of this is reflected in our dealings with financial partners, clients and affiliated firms.

Every HG team located on various parts of Asia are collaborating to create and get the best results for all our clients. We know all too well the significance of collective accountability in generating the highest growth in portfolios.


Hendren Group advisors are arguably our most important component, with their main task being the building of personal connections with our clients through offering customized solutions.

We are aware of how important each personal connection built on trust is between our clients and their respective advisors. That is why Hendren Group advisors are committed in developing and securing client relationships. The more we understand our clients and their requirements, the more effective and suitable our service will be to them.

Our group of advisors is composed of experts with a wide range of experience in the financial sectors and using their extensive knowledge and skills of the market, Hendren can present the best outcome for our clients. Also, we are utilizing our insight into the dynamics of the financial market in order to simplify things to our clients and guide them to plenty of options to capital growth.

Hendren Group boasts of professional and expert staff members who value integrity above anything else. Our advisors, especially, are determined in helping clients succeed in their financial objectives.

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Hendren Group is a financial management and investment company based in Tokyo, Japan and has satellite offices in major cities in Asia. Founded in 2000 by a group of professionals in the financial sector, Hendren Group has the expertise in investment and corporate finance.

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