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Few General Foot Problems And Their Easy Treatments

     It is a fact that your shoes play a significant role for your better health but unluckily most of the people donít consider this fact and make some very bad decisions by purchasing their shoes only keeping their appearance and style into consideration. Too tight shoes or narrow shoes can cause a lot of strain and resistance and when it combine with dry skin this might also cause of skin breakdown. It is really important to test all of your shoes by flipping over it, the better the shoe will twist and bend, the better it will be following the mechanics of your feet and also the movements of your body.

If you are not selecting the right pair of shoes then it is an alarming sign for you and in near future you might be in trouble and may experience various types of foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel pain, heel spur, tendons, and many others. If you are having heel pain and just started to experience that pain then you donít need to be stressed because every year millions of other people suffer from heel pain. Here we are discussing few genera foot problems and their treatments that can assist you to decrease pain.

Plantar fasciitis:

The main reason of plantar fasciitis is the inflammation and overstretched thick band of tissue on the base of the foot. You might also experience pain or burning sensation in the bottom of the foot, this pain and burning feeling usually happens while you are jumping, running, or by wearing too tight or fitted shoes, and after standing for a prolonged period. Plantar fasciitis can be easily cure by simply not wearing too fitted shoes and by wearing a heel cup or shoe inserts. Perform calf muscle exercises and stretch the calf muscles with the help of these exercises but if the pain is intolerable then you should consult with your doctor, your doctor may recommend the best medication for you to reduce the swelling and relief in pain.

Stone Bruise:

Basically a stone bruise is referred to a bruise of the fat pad of the heel and the reason of the bruise can be stepping too hard on a rock or other hard surfaces. This problem can be easily cured with the help of Ibuprofen, by doing rest, and ice massage to reduce inflammation.


It is an injury to the rope like structure that attach our muscles to our bones, tendonitis usually occurs in those muscles that cross two different joints. It can affect people of any age group but the good thing about Tendonitis is it can be treated with pain killers such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol, and by doing proper rest, or by wearing open-backed shoes, heel inserts.

Heel Spur:

The deposit of the on the underside of the heel bone is heel spur. Heel spurs can affect any age group but usually this problem is seen in middle-aged men and women, this can be seen on an x-ray easily. By using anti-inflammatory medicines, shoe inserts, and exercises heel spur can cure easily.

However, you should consult with the best physician if the pain does not go away within a few days. Do not ignore it because this could be an early sign of various serious foot conditions.

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