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Establish a Team Atmosphere on Your Project

     I want the people working on any Project that I'm managing to not only be part of a Team but also to feel like they are. I know that when a group of people are working together as a Team they are much more productive, they have more fun and they will deliver quality Projects faster. How do you establish your Project organization as a Team? Well, there are a number of characteristics that must be met in order for the Team concept to work. These characteristics include:

* Common Purpose - The Team must have a common purpose and they must all understand what that purpose is. As the Project Manager it is your responsibility to ensure that the common purpose is communicated in such a way as to be understood by all the Team members.

* Goals and Objectives - The goals and objectives for the Team must not only be known and agreed by all of the Team members but the Project Manager must ensure by actions and deeds that all Team members share responsibility for the achievement of the goals and objectives.

* Understand how each of them fit in - You must ensure that each of the Team members understand the roles and responsibilities of not only themselves but also all other members of the Team. They must understand what each of them are expected to do to deliver success.

* Achievement - Achievement of the goals and objectives must be measured and made visible so that all Team members will know exactly where the Team stands in terms of progress towards achievement.

* Ground rules - The Team needs to establish the ground rules that define how the Team will work together. These rules should also include how any conflicts will be handled.

* Success - The Project Manager should ensure that success is celebrated by the whole Team and the whole Team is recognized as responsible for the success - some members in an active role and some in a support role.

* Supportive Environment - The Project Manager must ensure that there is a supportive environment in which the Team operates. Team members should be able to be open and honest without being concerned that they will be punished for their openness and honesty.

I took over a Project once that had spent about 70% of its budget and had delivered about 30% of its Products. And those were delivered to questionable quality. The company was seriously considering canceling the Project. The Project staff were really demoralized and couldn't see how they could succeed. After introducing the Team concept into the Project, being fairly open and honest with them about the situation, and asking for their help and ideas, they approached the Project with a renewed vigour and were able to agree and deliver to an approved rescue plan. Sure, we were a little late in delivering to the initial plan but we were right on schedule delivering to the rescue plan. We were over the original budget but within the budget established as part of the rescue plan. And the quality of the delivered product was second to none. I attribute this turn around to the introduction of the Team concept. (And a great Project Manager, of course)

Obviously the above characteristics are not the only ones that must be met for a Team to be successful but once these characteristics are met they go a long way to helping the establishment and operation of a great Project Team

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Richard is CEO of Inspiration Systems Inc. Check out his book and CD Program at . Book Richard to speak at your next meeting or conference, train your project managers to make their certification work better for them or rescue a project that might be causing you trouble. Put Richard's many years of experience to work for or 336 499 6677.

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