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Easy Way to Avoid The Munchies

     There's a tongue in cheek song heard on a radio station called "Cake in the breakroom". Come on. You all know what that means. It's someone's birthday. Retirement. Baby shower. 7th year of work. There always seems to be a reason for the dreaded "cake in the breakroom".

You're trying to eat healthy. You're sticking to your workouts, even making sure to have those gym clothes packed and ready to go for after work. What to do at work to combat the never ending cake, donut, JUNK that seems to show up on a regular basis?

PLAN AHEAD! With the proper preparation, and motivation, it will be easy to say "no thank you" to the donuts, cake, etc...that seem to appear in the breakroom.

Easy Way to Avoid The Munchies

Where to start? Keep your own home stocked with healthy options that are portable. Whole grain breads/cereals (cereal isn't just for breakfast anymore!), fruits, vegetables, low sodium deli meats, yogurt and low sodium soup. Most of these are easy to just toss in your work bag and go. Consider keeping a box of cereal at work for a quick, easy, nutritious lunch.

When you're making dinner, make lunch for the next day. How easy is that? Grill an extra chicken breast. Make more vegetables. How much easier and healthier will your day be with just a few minutes extra in the evening. Mornings are hectic enough.

At work, keep healthy snacks readily available. Instant oatmeal, baby carrots, string cheese, low fat microwave popcorn are all easily stashed in a desk or work refrigerator. Add a fruit or vegetable with your lunch. Toss an apple in when packing the night before. It's easy, healthy & filling.

Let's be honest, there are days you must go out to lunch. Duty calls! Remember the internet? If you can, prior to lunch, check out the website of the restaurant you are going to. This can give you time to look at nutrition information and stick to a healthy choice. Better choices include include lean-meat sandwiches (no mayo), bean burritos (no cheese or sour cream), green salads lightly dressed with oil and vinegar, grilled fish and broth-based soups.

Ask for a salad or a side order of fresh steamed veggies in place of fries. Sodas and other sugary beverages are calorie traps, so stick with ice water with lemon or an unsweetened iced tea. And forget the drive-through! Instead consider the grocery store. Most all have a salad bar where you can load up on fresh produce.

And a lunch break is just that. A BREAK. Sit down and eat, but not at your desk. Multitasking can lead you to ignore your hunger and fullness signals, making it easier to overeat. Take that time to enjoy your freshly packed lunch and clear your head for the rest of the day.

Don't forget where it all begins: BREAKFAST. Start the day with a balanced breakfast. Research shows that people who eat a morning meal actually consume fewer calories throughout the day. When you're famished at lunch time, even the best of intentions can fall prey to "CAKE IN THE BREAK ROOM."

Healthy choices promote healthy choices. Rather than a vicious cycle of cake & donuts, you can instead start a healthy cycle of easy, healthy lunches, avoiding the treats and utilizing that gym bag packed in your car!

Copyright (c) 2013 Karie Hamilton

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