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Driving Aid Strategies and Projects

     One of the greatest challenges in facilitating aid strategies and projects is consistently engaging with key stakeholders and their team members in a timely constructive way. Most methods and tools focus on the needs of project teams and higher level governance, with limited engagement with and help to the people actually doing the project work.
While the benefits of portfolio and project management methods and tools are not disputed, they employ a centralized management paradigm that limits their use to core managers. A distributed management method and tools are required to involve all key stakeholders and their team members.
For a strategy or project to be implemented and adopted, key stakeholders need to know what is happening and what they need to do in close to real-time. They also need the capability of the distributed management method and tools to productively involve their team’s members (i.e. the people actually doing the work).
To gain value for money and effort, key stakeholders and their team members need to be constructively and consistently engaged. TASKey has developed web and mobile software that makes this easy, with minimal training.
TASKey’s distributed management solution uses a simple one page plan template that has been used by over 10,000 people in 175 countries. Filling in the template individually or as a team takes just minutes and keeps stakeholders focused on what needs to be done, when and by whom.
Big plans can be created by using a tree structure to logically join one page plans together. So by completing all the one page plans in the tree, the big plan’s goal is achieved.
TASKey web and mobile browser software provides:
• one page planning templates (to create practical plans fast),
• a simple way to join plans together in trees (to create bigger plans),
• a place to store and access documents related to each task,
• a coordination engine that handles complex task, To Do and team coordination 24x7 from anywhere, (while maintaining security and privacy on a need-to-know basis),
• personal To Do lists (so stakeholders know what they need to do, when and with whom),
• progress reporting based on completed To Do (so actual progress is tracked in real-time),
• notification emails (to keep key stakeholders informed about changes that affect them), and
• fast templating (to copy & paste successful workflows to simplify planning and save time).

An essential feature that became obvious during early trialling was the need to involve some team members in plans without them having to use or even know about the software tool. TASKey software achieves this capability through emails and/or printed copies of plans and relevant To Do’s.
TASKey’s distributed management solution makes it easy to create and implement a strategy and/or project plan, and then to create, transition into and implement a sustainment plan. Where a strategy or project plan already exists, TASKey software closes the gap between the plan and the people actually doing the work.
TASKey’s distributed management solution makes it easier for key stakeholders to work together, regardless of location, to implement a strategy or project to achieve stated outcomes. Little training is required, because the coordination engine handles complex coordination in the background. Most importantly, demonstrable value for money and effort is achieved by engaging with key stakeholders and their team members in a timely constructive and consistent way.
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TASKey provides project management methods and web project management software to get projects done. Our web software makes it easy for everyone doing a project to work together to get the information they need to make the project a success. TASKey provides the most affordable, most flexible and most powerful web project management software available. Visit

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