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Download Free Movies Online Legally and Safely

     It is possible to download free movies online using file sharing software without breaking any laws. However, the same software can also be used to download bootleg movies, music and games, and for that reason it has a bad name. It's how you use the software - illegally to download current music hits, top games and recent blockbusters, or use it legally to download the fabulous public domain movies that are available online.

You can download free movies online using peer to peer file sharing software in just the same way as you would download bootleg movies, only you should check the copyright status of what you are downloading first. You can use the same file sharing software for music and games downloads, because it can be used to share any downloadable files.

How the user uses it is up to them, but you should use it legally or you may make it difficult for everybody else. You can download movies online legally by avoiding any that have copyright protection. There are many great movies you can get free of charge that are not copyright-protected and are in the public domain.

Among these are 'Little Shop of Horrors', 'Carnival of Souls', 'Freaks', 'The Lady Vanishes', Night of the Living Dead (Original)', 'Teenage Zombies' and lots more. Directors include W.D. Griffith, Alfred Hitchcock or John Huston. People download fabulous classical public domain movies every day and all for free.

Yes, there might be a lifetime payment for the use of the download software and burning software to make your own DVDs, but after that you can use the file sharing software for life - to download anything you want. Download free movies online, free music online or even free games online. If you choose to download bootleg movies that are copyright protected, then you take that chance yourself, because the same software is used for both the legal and the illegal movie downloads.

It can also be used to download free games and music, but make sure you stick to public domain music and not current stuff: there is plenty offered free online using file sharing by young artists seeking publicity. You can't argue that such great movies aren't worth watching free. Not everybody appreciates the poor quality of today's movies - made only for the aggrandizement of the egotistical performers and directors.

The old movies were the best, and while you might download bootleg movies, you are best to take the time to watch these great movies of the golden era that you can't even rent now, let alone buy. That's why you should learn how to download free movies online legally using P2P file sharing software and try to avoid downloading the current blockbusters free that will certainly be available - but are illegal to download because they are protected by copyright.

The choice is yours: how you make use of your lifetime membership of this type of file sharing service is your choice - it can be used for legal or illegal movie downloads, and for music, games and software. However, while you can download bootleg movies, it is not illegal to use P2p file sharing to download free movies online that are in the public domain - they are amongst the best of all time! So use for that and not to get free current movies illegally!

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You should download free movies online legally, and more legal information is available on Pete's website Online Free Movies  where you will also find a number of recommended download sites along with details on how to avoid bootleg movies if your wish to.

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