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Determining The Value Of An Artwork

     When you are not in a position to know the value of art in from a professional's perspective, this does not mean that you cannot appreciate the painting itself. There are many collectors who are not knowledgeable in the subject of fine arts who take pleasure in collecting paintings. There are a number of theories regarding aesthetics and beauty which are said to determine the value of a piece, although this is an idea not followed by all.

There are a lot of arguments surrounding the definition of a fine painting. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. We can all critisize a painting, whether their critisism is credible or not is a another story. Taste in terms of paintings and sculptures is very variable. Determining the worth of a particular painting is an arguable topic.

The technique of criticism has become widespread over the years, with virtually anything being looked at as art. Although, there are still a few who stick to conventional and traditional theories regarding these things. In the nineteenth century, artists were concerned with art holding what they thought was a form of truth or beauty. Analysing these two has become very difficult now with the amalgamation of ideas generated from different points of view and cultures.

It was the arrival of Modernism that changed things in terms of the function of art. The meaning of beauty has become so dynamic that different styles have become fashionable along with some artists. The value of art will have to loosely depend on its motivated function.

There are some artworks which are recognized as a form of communication, such as paintings and sculptures which are made to portray some sort of message to the audience. Some pieces are designed purely for entertainment where a piece may give the viewer. Pieces for political change are known as avant-garde and have a certain aim, using visual image to raise a degree of awareness.

There are also paintings made for healing purposes and are used by therapists. The reaction to colour and form are important when looking at the patients emotional function. Using creativity and the use of artwork, some patients experience relaxation or even healing; this is used in more conventional forms of psychiatric therapy where various approaches are used by administering doctors.

No matter what type of piece may catch your eye, feeling what that picture, watercolour or sculpture signifies to you as a sprit is vital. There is no philosophy dictating individual personal taste or preferences. You are free to appreciate and admire paintings for their aesthetic beauty in the eyes of the beholder.

Many people would pay professionals to dress their homes with masterpieces considered of good taste. However, as a regular viewer of art, you should be able to tell what is pleasing in your eyes and what is not. Some collectors would rather have bold and flashy works, while others prefer subdued and subtle pieces. The price of art is dependant upon the purpose of the piece and what audience it caters to.

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David Tatham has been working in the world of fine arts for over twenty five years and . His website contains a wealth of information, also many signed, limited edition prints and original works of art by world renowned artists,eg. The conservationist and wildlife artist, David Shepherd .

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