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Design Your Own Tattoo: An Achievable Goal

     Once a decision has been made to design your own tattoo, it becomes time to seriously consider how to achieve the end goal: your new tattoo. If you are an artist or graphic designers, or possess tons of artistic talent, this would be no problem. Most of us, however, do not possess those skills. Still, designing a tattoo is an obtainable goal and with a little direction and some sound reasoning, an endeavor anyone can accomplish. Just do not panic and take it a step at a time. Beyond that, try to have fun doing it.

First, decide what general type of tattoo you want. Do you want something small and simple like a heart or maybe a small hummingbird? Some of these can be the sexiest tat one can get. Do you want something with religious significance like a cross or tribal symbol? A butterfly or perhaps just the name of a child or loved one? Or do you want something big and showy like a full sleeve or a big back piece. The later is not recommended for someone new in the tattoo game.

Second, you must decide where on your body you want the tattoo. One must consider the body as an artist's canvas and this is the start of a portrait. Most people start off with a simple design which may not be in a public place. For a woman, many begin with a delicate design below the waistline. Men seem to begin with a forearm piece. Also keep in mind when deciding on a location that your tattoo tells a story--part of the story of your life. Thus, something of political or social significance might be in order.

The final decisions do not need to be made yet, but it is the start of your research. Next, I would visit a local tattoo parlor and talk to an artist. There you will find many samples of his work and usually catalogs of any type of tattoo you can think of. Online, visit some tattoo sites or Facebook pages. There you can find more pictures and ideas. One might consider joining one of the membership sites like which have many aides, suggestions and inspirations for an ink design. These efforts are not meant to give you a design, but to help in making your decision on type and location you are targeting.

Next, take a picture of a design you like, or make a rough sketch of what you are thinking. This doesn't have to be an artistic masterpiece. If you have absolutely no talent, like me, put into words what you want. Add a color, or colors. Try it. This step is not nearly as difficult as one thinks it might be.

Finally, take this back to the tattooist you have selected. He (or she) is the expert. They can take your ideas and come up with a totally unique design just for you.

It should also be pointed out that many of the membership sites have artists that work exclusively for the membership and their work, therefore, is unique at least for the members. This is still far more "one-of-a-kind" than just picking a design out of a catalog that is available to anyone.

Before getting inked, try your hand at designing your own. The result will be something you will display with pride for all to see.

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The author, Charles Falls, got interested in tattoos from an employee who is also a tattooist. Check out his latest website. Tattoo Me Now Info, where ithe takes a further look at how to design your own tattoo.

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