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Debate - Integral Tool of Democratic Society

     In a democratic society, debate has a very significant role to play. Reflecting an issue across the spectrum and reaching at an appropriate decision is the main purpose of a debate. Social debates churn out the decisions that factor in the views of the majority of people and assist in seeding democratic values and principles. Debates help to make conscious and informed citizens and take the dialogue and development of the status quo to progressive states.

Debating on various issues online has become very popular among internet users. The ability to see through the issues and contribute with a logical point of view is all that is needed. While participating in a popular debate platform you will get to enrich your thoughts by coming across some excellent contributors. Active participation by using of your analytical and presentation skills can encourage you to construct arguments in your support. You become a part of the thought process in the society.

There are numerous advantages of joining an online debating forum. You will enjoy a community membership, possibly having famed academicians and experts. Your intellectual insight will be polished by being a part of such a community. Such debates contribute largely to the development of socially responsible citizens. offers a debating platform where you can involve yourself in diverse types of debates or you can initiate a debate.

Recently, a debate on de-regulation of petrol prices was initiated by a team member. Government of India took the step for de-regulation of petrol prices to link the cost with the international crude oil price (which is the preliminary raw material for all petroleum products), to fetch in more competition where-in it was anticipated that the companies would perk up the efficiencies of their refineries to sell petrol to the public at aggressive prices. A price war would make sure a severe competition for improving technologies & to lessen transportation losses ( may be read thefts) to decrease the COP (cost of production) of petrol and that even if inflation ascends due to this it would provide a real figure.

For a long period, the government was regulating the fuel prices and as a result, it was offering heavy subsidies on such fuels. This could not have persisted for perpetuity. Rather than dealing with it in an unruly way after a decade or so it is better the economy deals with the spikes in fuel prices right now, as this will help the market to get adjusted to the current market situation rather than being taken aback by a sudden fuel hike.

For growth and development of an economy in the long run, deregulation of not only fuel prices but also of other commodities is necessary. However, at the same time, essential commodities on which poor man thrives is something for which government intervention is required. Thus as we perceive it, for the correct, balanced and accelerated future growth of our economy, deregulation is and will be the key. Such debates are platforms where people can share their viewpoint and this will surely help changing our society.

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Halabol is an online platform which aims at bringing likeminded people together and making an impact collectively. At one can participate in several activities like starting a petition online, participating in a debate or start an online debate related to any particular social issue to create awareness among people.

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