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Cypher International LTD: A Global Leader In Environmental Treatment Solutions

     Cypher Ltd. has been providing environmental treatment solutions for many years and in that time they have established themselves as a leader as global suppliers of certified natural geophysical treatment solutions. Cypher Ltd. specializes in creating constructive environmental treatment solutions that improve the environmental conditions for citizens and industries of the world through developing sustainable solutions that help rather than hinder the growth of the natural environment.

EarthZyme is a revolutionary enzyme for the environmental treatment of stabilized soil. Through its unique environmentally friendly mixture, Earthzyme has a wide variety of applications such as in construction and roads. EarthZyme is a powerful additive that increases the base strength and durability of roads and surfaces. EarthZyme helps stabilize lime and concrete creating a stronger solution at a fraction of the price. The EarthZyme environmental treatment solution allows for a reduction in additives, high density and workability. EarthZyme is the environmental treatment solution used by: Mine Roads; Forestry and logging; Landfills; Dams & Retention Ponds; haul roads for all resources and Construction Sites. The environmental solutions of EarthZyme are endless it can be used on: Roads; Basecourse; Airstrips; Sub-base; Dams; Sub-grade; Rail line base; Livestock Tracks; Shoulder Work; Feedlots; Side tracks; Forestry Roads; Tennis Courts; Land Care; Sewage Ponds; Landing Strips; Nature Trails; Tailing Dams; Leach Ponds; Toxic Waste Retention Ponds; Dams; Waste Materials Recycling; Soil Erosion; Animal Waste Lagoons; Agricultural Pads; Landfill Seals and Liners; Slurries to Fill Depleted Oil Wells; Water Wells; Mine Shafts and many other places!

Dust stop is another amazing proven environmental treatment product offered by Cypher Ltd. A completely environmentally friendly certified environmental treatment for dust suppression for replacing the harmful toxic chemicals in the earth’s roads, land, water, storage sites and the entire world’s ecosystems that is currently being impacted by fugitive dust. Dust stop has been used by construction companies, road works, public and private firms all over the world with amazing results for effective environmental treatment against: Salt Derivates; Calcium and Magnesium Chloride; Equipment Corrosion; Health and Safety Threats; Chemical Polymers; Diseases; Poisonous Chemicals; Polluted Air; Hydrocarbons & Oils and Toxic Stabilizers. Dust Stop is an environmental treatment solution that safely protects: Aquatic Life; Clean Air; Soils; Balance of Nature; Animal Health & Birds; Dependant Livelihoods; Agriculture Safety; Recreational Activities; Groundwater; Vegetation; Wildlife; Ecosystems; Agricultural Crops and Plantations; Rivers & Streams; Human Health; Farm Produce; Aquatic Life; and Livestock and enormous Medical Costs. Dust Stop is the only environmental treatment dust suppressant on the market that does such an amazing job in controlling dangerous particulate matter in every single category. Dust Stop is the preferred answer to solving the rapidly expanding threats to air-borne diseases and to solving the many contaminant problems in all resource industries.

UltraZyme is another wonderful environmental treatment solution which is able to significantly reduce and remove hydrocarbons and waste from many industrial sources while being completely environmentally friendly. Ultrazyme is an environmental treatment solution for use in: Oil spills on land and in water; Anaerobic and Facultative Lagoons; Landfills; Pumps and Lift Stations; Waste Lagoons; Ponds; Grease traps and Interceptors; Aerated and Non-aerated systems; Drains and Sewer lines; Trickling Filters; Leach drains and Silage pits; Contaminated Soil; Septic tanks; Oil Well and Mining Sites; Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Composting Systems; Meat Rendering Plants and Processing Facilities and Odor Elimination.

Cypher Ltd’s environmental treatment product offerings have numerous and varied applications designed to improve your bottom line while improving the environment and the health and safety of everything in it. Cypher is also the only Global Award of Excellence Company in the environmental business.

They pride themselves on being scientific innovators in environmental infrastructure treatment solutions, dedicated to providing their customers and global stakeholders with sustainable environmental solutions. Their environmental treatment infrastructure formulations allow for practical sustainable solutions for threatening international environmental hazards. For more information, visit CypherLtd.

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Cypher International Ltd. is a diversified business group dedicated to the dynamics of the development of technologies and environmental treatment for an environmentally improved world. For more information, visit

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