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CPR Systems Online - How To Finance The Best Metal Cleaning Equipment Available

     If you’re a business owner who manufactures metal products with a finish coat of paint you are well aware of your need to acquire top quality paint finish to eliminate quality control callbacks. After all, you know that your paint quality is only as good as your paints ability to correctly stick to the metal product. So you expect when you invest in state-of-the-art metal pre-treatment equipment, to get terrific results in less time With the CPR Metal Pretreatment System you will save money, lower your production costs, and eliminate quality control callbacks due to poor paint adhesion. However, with today’s economic issues at the forefront, you may also be considering how to afford the best metal cleaning products available.

Below, we’ve outlined four great ways for you to maximize your assets and enable you to phosphatize the most efficient way possible. Although your situation will, of course, be unique to your industry and needs, we encourage you to consider these methods of obtaining the equipment you, your colleagues and your customers deserve.

1. Take Out a Business Loan through a Bank or Other Lending Institution:

If your credit is in good standing, you may be wise to take out a business loan to pay for your metal cleaning equipment. And if you choose an environmentally-safe metal cleaning model, such as one from CPR Systems, you may be able to get a break for choosing a “green” alternative. (This break could come in a number of forms, including carbon credits depending upon the industry in which you work.)

2. Pay for the Equipment in Cash:

There’s nothing wrong with using old-fashioned cash to pay for your phosphatizing equipment. If you have enough on hand and can afford to dip into your savings (or other account), you may want to consider it. That way, you won’t have to pay any interest on bank loans. In the long run, when you consider the savings you’ll be getting in return for using a highly efficient metal washing system, you may regain your investment monies quite quickly.

3. Pay for the equipment with the money you save:

If you are currently using four drums of phosphate per month we would reduce your usage to less than one. The money saved could be used to pay for the lease to own option on the equipment.

4. Ask the Metal Cleaning Equipment Company about Payment Options:

Many metal cleaning equipment sellers offer special payment options to businesses that wish to buy their products. Even if they don’t talk about payment options on their websites, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a phone call. After all, you’re not losing anything by asking the question. And if the answer is a great one, you may just have saved yourself incredible time and money in the future.

Make no mistake - your competitors are using the best metal cleaning equipment they can, and they’re most likely touting that fact to customers. Don’t be left behind. If you want to stay in the game, you can. Just be savvy and explore all your financing options.

For more information, visit CPRSystemsOnline.

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CPR Systems Online is the leader in high pressure spray wand phosphatising with waste water recycling for metal & paint pre-treatment. For more information, visit

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