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Choices in Mens Underwear Styles

     There was a time when underwear wasn't worn. This was followed by a long period of uncomfortable fabrics and basic designs. Now, there are many types of men's underwear in a variety of fabrics, styles, and options.

Boxers or briefs has been the eternal question, but there are other options now, as well. Men who prefer briefs find that they don't ride up as much as other styles, and that they provide support for the genitals. There are a variety of styles, including low-rise and mid-rise, which go well with pants worn lower on the hips.

Briefs come in cotton and many other materials, but the traditional brief is one hundred percent cotton with elastic legs and waistband. These are also referred to as Y-fronts, because the material is sewn together in a manner that approximates the letter, in order to create the fly. Fancy materials such as silk and fun patterns are available from some stores, but the traditional brief is white cotton.

Boxers are essentially shorts that men wear under their other clothing. They come in various lengths, and interesting patterns and styles, but they provide little to no genital support. Given the amount of loose material, they have a tendency to bunch up in certain circumstances. This loose material is what makes them renowned for comfort, however. Boxers almost always have a working fly, sometimes with a button closure.

Boxer briefs are an interesting mix of styles. They cover the same area as a pair of boxer shorts, but are fitted like briefs. They also combine some of the advantages of the two styles, namely the support of briefs combined with the coverage of boxers. They are also helpful in providing sculpting to the lower body, and can enhance the appearance of a man's lower half.

Available in both cotton and cotton-spandex blends, boxer briefs come in a variety of qualities. They usually have a Y-front fly similar to that on a pair of briefs, and they are pleasantly invisible under tighter clothing. Most come in only subdued colors and few patterns, but more exciting options may be available at some stores or online.

Bikinis and thongs are rare styles of men's underwear. They both contain less material and provide less coverage of the body than boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. Bikinis provide some rear coverage, but are cut low and do not have a fly like briefs. There are string bikinis, in which the back is connected to the front by string elastic or ties on the sides. Thongs lack rear coverage, and provide only thin straps that hold the genital pouch in place. Both types come in many different colors and patterns, and usually made of spandex or spandex blends.

Finding men's underwear isn't difficult, but figuring out which type you prefer can be. Picking up a few different options at the store can let you figure out what your preferences are. You don't always have to wear the same kind, either - many men have a few pairs of boxers and a few pairs of briefs, or some other combination.

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